Sunday, July 28, 2013

Because I didn't have a working pencil

So I went to a different church this morning and it was a refreshing change.
I also managed to bring a pencil that didn't work so this is everything I could keep in my brain to spill out to you.

   I knew that I had started slacking off in the back of my mind but the service really almost shoved it in my face. I know that doesn't sound nice and yeah, it wasn't all happy happy joy joy but it was what I needed.
   God always gives me what I need over what I want.
   I had heard and studied the topic of Jesus as our High Priest before so I wasn't expecting too much out of the sermon/word. That was wrong of me.
   I needed to be reminded exactly what Jesus did for me, that he knows my every thought, motivation and struggle and that He not only understands but He empathizes. Empathy is close to my heart and to hear that God empathizes with me over the things that hurt Him most really struck a chord.
   The pastor ended the word with a challenge. "What are you doing with the access you have to God?" He asked if you'd given up on things like pain that you had tried to forget or addictions that you felt defeated by. It was a quiet kind of powerful and I was reminded once again that it's not about me. That doesn't mean that God doesn't care about me. It means that I can't focus on my weaknesses because doing that means I'm focusing on myself and not the power of the King, what He did for me and what He continues to do.
I continue to struggle with the pain this life brings, the shame of the sin that I keep falling into and the fear of the future and I hadn't even completely realized it. Because of Christ, I don't have to struggle silently. I can bring anything to Him and do it with confidence and not fear because He loves me.

So I guess my challenge to you would be this.
Are you afraid to talk to God because you're too well aware of your shortcomings? Don't be. He longs to hear from you and work in your life. He loves you more than anyone else ever could and He'll never let you down, even if you don't understand what He's doing. Won't you show Him all your love too?

Maybe I'll get back to writing here interwebz

-Melina Rose