Sunday, May 29, 2011


I waited for you today
But you didn't show
No no no
I needed You today
So where did You go?
You told me to call
Said You'd be there
And though I haven't seen You
Are You still there?

I cried out with no reply
And I can't feel You by my side
So I'll hold tight to what I know
You're here and I"m never alone

And though I cannot see You
And I can't explain why
Such a deep, deep reassurance
You've placed in my life

We cannot separate
'Cause You're part of me
And though You're invisible
I'll trust the unseen


We cannot separate
You're part of me
And though You're invisible
I'll trust the unseen


Just having a hard time interwebz
I can't even go for a walk. It is thundering and lightening...

-Melina Rose

Thought overflow

Something has been plaguing my mind lately. I'm not sure what to do about it and I have no previous experience. I don't even know for sure what I want to do. It's one of those things that I just can't get out of my head and it is really annoying. I bet you are wondering "Oh? What is this thing that Melina has been struggling with?" Well, I'm sorry but unless I have met you in real life and we are rather close, you don't get to know. That's right. I'm going to write about it but not tell you what is up.
Why? Well, this is my blog. I write what I feel, what is bothering me, what is on my mind, what is going on in my life. Writing out my thoughts helps me sometimes so therefore this post. Unfortunately I feel the need to keep it rather vague.
If your name is Bob or St. then I would love it if you would call me so I can burden you with my overwhelming pile of reflections. Sephre probably knows more than either of you. *mumbles* She almost gave me a heart attack! *sigh*
I really wish I could get this out of my head. There are three options. I'm not sure whether any of them will end well. Oh, if only I could have unending wisdom.

I guess a lot of people would wish for that interwebz

-Melina Rose

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Missing Minnesota...

I have no motivation to fill you in on what I did today really. 
I went for a walk today. I like taking walks; walks when it is sunny, windy, rainy, cold, snowy, mild. I like walks. They let me escape for a while. I don't have to talk to anyone or answer questions or tell people what I'm up to if I don't want to. I can just plug in my music and go.

Relevant lyric of the moment:

'Cause most things true
Are simple and complex 
So it is with You
What else should I expect


-Caedmon's Call (Beautiful Mystery)

I guess the rest of the post is going to be in small type...cause it won't format....grr. It would...... *sigh* [Sorry]

Continuing onwards... 
I miss my Minnesotans very very much. I admit it. I was tearing up earlier. You see, today is Wednesday, and while I didn't realize it until this evening, it is important. Why is it important? It is important because I normally have youth group on Wednesday nights. I love the people there very much and it is killing me quietly to not be there right now. Don't get me wrong, I'm still having a great time here but being alone at the very moment when I am normally surrounded by people who make me happy?....It's difficult to be happy.
I'm not trying to mope. Honestly I'm not. I just miss people. Is that a crime?
On the other hand, I'm gone for two months! I'll be back! I can't move back as soon as I leave! I miss you too okay? 
.....Quite a bit.

Did you know that a human being is supposed to have 3 hugs a day to survive? ......How am I alive? I feel I may have been forcing hugs on you Sephre :/ Sorry :) Let me know if you don't want them okay? 

I forgot to post this while I was still saddish interwebz
I'm betterish now :)

-Melina Rose

If I could only dress this way everyday...

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I was a Nanny yesterday

This post is for Monday, May 23, 2011.

I got up at 6:30am; put on the t-shirt and jeans that I had picked out last night and pulled my hair back. The house I nanny at has cats. I'm allergic to cats. Therefore I try to cover as much skin as possible so that it doesn't itch like crazy by the end of the time I'm there. Sephre and I drove separately since she wouldn't be there the whole time. When we got there the girls were still asleep so she told me all the stuff I needed to know, most importantly how to make coffee. :P She got out stuff to make "surprise breakfast/special breakfast" aka pancakes then we got the girls up. After playing with them for a bit, she/we made breakfast and ate it. They were pretty self entertained for a while so we just took the time to try to wake up a bit more. After a while, we took them to the park and had a picnic. When we came back, we put the girls down for a nap and then Sephre left for some appointments and errands. I ate lunch and wrote until they woke up and then "played fairys" with them. I left after 5pm and went back to the house. My aunt was there and I said hi as I went in. I took a cold shower which felt amazing for some reason and then flopped onto my bed to look at my phone. I woke up two hours later.... lol
I went downstairs and ate dinner and then after cleaning up the kitchen a bit, we went back upstairs. Sephre did my hair for fun and it was pretty :3 We watched Youtube videos of cool science experiments until she went to bed. :P I chatted/texted Tallkid until around midnight and then got distracted by Youtube and stayed up much later until I was falling asleep.

That was Monday interwebz :P

-Melina Rose

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

The lightening was blinding

I woke up at 9:40am and started getting ready for church. It was almost 90 degrees outside today so I wore my new sundress! I love that dress. It was super windy as well and Sephre and I commented on being slapped in the face by our hair. lol We got to church while they were singing. I didn't know most of the songs but I didn't expect it to be like my church back home so it was okay. I miss my church though. The sermon was really good. It was about how God uses our weaknesses to show His power. Since we have a lot of weaknesses it's all the more opportunity for Him! :P
After church, Sephre and I went  back to the house and made Seshuan (spelling?) beef and rice. It was really good! After that we went to get coffee and brought our drinks to a park. It was really really windy so it was actually hard to walk around the lake/pond! After that we drove around for a bit looking at different abandoned houses.
Sephre had to be at work at 4pm so we went back to her house and her boyfriend picked us up and drove her to work. After we dropped her off, he drove us to Milwaukee while showing me different music from bands like Protest the Hero and Breaking Benjamin. We walked around the mall for a while once we got there. We found some funny books and commented on various dumb ads. Then he took me to Stir Crazy which is this really good Japanese restaurant! I had never been there before! We went back to Sephre's house (currently mine too) and realized that we would have to pick her up from work since we brought her there. We decided to hang out at his house but found out the power was down. There was power at Sephre's house so he grabbed his PS3 and some games and headed back over to Sephre's house. He set up the Wii for me and realized he forgot the cables he needed for the PS3. We watched an episode of an anime and watched fail/owned videos on YouTube until it was time to pick up Sephre.
It was raining really hard and the lightening was so bright that it gave us headaches after blinding us! We got to Caribou and gave one of her co-workers a ride to her car so she wouldn't get soaked. Sephre brought us drinks! I got a milk chocolate hot chocolate! We drove back to the house and Saul (Sephre's boyfriend) packed up his stuff and went home. After cleaning up the kitchen a bit I went upstairs and climbed into bed. I fell asleep almost as soon as I stopped texting people.

I didn't feel so great interwebz...

-Melina Rose
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Saturday, May 21, 2011

I took a walk

I took a walk down a long long road
I passed an old abandoned home
My shoes, they squished the sodden earth
I found a creek gurgling in mirth
I found two quarters on my way back
I smelled lilacs as I continued my trek
The clouds lit up with golden light
and I couldn't help but smile to voice my delight
The pinks and purples were hidden from view
as I turned the corner to return to you

-Melina Rose

So I live in Wisconsin (for) now...

I woke up this morning at 9am and read my Bible for a bit before getting out of bed. Showered and got dressed and tried to dry my hair as quietly as possible since I wasn't sure if Sephre was still sleeping or not. She said she was getting up around 10 or 10:30 but I couldn't remember which.
Once she got up and got ready for the day we went downstairs and she made us a (once again) amazing breakfast. We had veggies and eggs and mango! We left to run errands when we were done eating. Grocery shopping led into lunch at Noodles and Co. and then we headed back to the house.
After putting away the groceries and cleaning up from breakfast, she set me up with a ballet workout video thing before leaving for work. I have one thing to say about ballerinas.... They are strong! I only survived half an hour before I was shaking. I'm going to be sore tomorrow but hopefully I can work up to actually building some muscle...or making mine work. lol Either way that would be good.
I headed upstairs and plopped down in my chair with a large bottle of water and a package of fruits snacks. The product of the last few hours? Two blog posts here and randoming around the internetz.
I got a call from Bree and it made me happy to hear from her. I miss people a lot. Granted, I have been home alone tonight and last night until midnightish but I figured I was more used to it. I already miss hanging out with people...
I'm having a blast with Sephre though. We have had some catching up to do don'cha know :P

Hopefully I will be able to fully update my other blog that I kind of abandoned a month ago.... This is my plan. *summons brain power*
I'm going to leave you for now interwebz

-Melina Rose

Friday (the 20th)

I woke up at 6am and couldn't go back to sleep even though I didn't need to be up until 8am. I laid in bed for a while and then started getting ready to leave for my interview. Sephre had to leave for nannying but told me to come over before my interview since I had plenty of time. After I was ready, I headed over and hung out with her and the two little girls I will be nannying as well. We had blueberry pancakes for breakfast and then I headed on over to my interview.
I had to park a fair distance away but it wasn't to bad since I didn't have to pay for parking and I brought an extra pair of shoes to walk in. There was not way I was going to walk that far in 4 inch heels. Haha. I got to my interview and it went really well. They can't offer me full time so she told me to find a job that will work with their hours and call her on Friday.
I headed back to the house and changed into shorts and a t-shirt after hanging up my pencil skirt and blouse. I ran downstairs and grabbed a snack and then went back to the house where Sephre was. We/she put them down for their nap and I crashed on the couch while she read a book. Nap time was over shortly and we played hide-and-go-seek and watched tv. We had cleaned up when they went down for their nap (mostly Sephre) so we didn't want to get it messy again. We brought out the playdough and not to much later the mom got home. I made a playdough bunny and Sephre made a playdough kitty.
We went back to the house and she showed me how to use her tablet and Mac to draw pictures in photoshop. She left for work and I sat there until around 7pm just drawing and drawing and drawing. It was great. I ran downstairs and grabbed some steak and potato casserole that was left over and after eating it, went back to drawing and chatting with people online.
That is where Sephre found me at 12am when she got home from work. :P
We then worked on our vlog that we have started. If you want to know what it is just ask me but I'm not going to post it here. I might later but it is to be decided. :P
I ended up going to bed at 3:30am after reading my Bible a bit.


Hey there :)

I'm actually super tired right now because I just finished working out but I wanted to tell you guys what's been going on!

I drove the six hours from my house to Sephre's on the 19th armed with a bag full of snacks, music and facebook updates whenever I would stop. It went slowly and quickly at the same time. The most I have ever driven was under two hours. It was slow because it was a long way to drive and it went fast because I didn't really have a good sense of time passing.
I arrived around 4:30pm and kind of just slumped against the steering wheel once I parked. I was very tired. Sephre got home from work and we started dragging stuff into my room! I had packed three large purple bins, one full laundry hamper, a suitcase, a chair and cube. Lots of stuff. :) We managed to get it all up the stairs and start unpacking a little.
Sephre grilled steak and made potato casserole for dinner. It was super good. After putting our dishes away, we went back upstairs and got ready to go to the town where I hope to work. My interview was the next morning so she showed me where to park and where the store was. We walked around on the beach for a bit and added to a sand creation. We were on our way back home soon after meeting her boyfriend at Caribou.
Once we got back home we finished unpacking and did some other stuff. I took a shower and then she did my nails for my interview. (The polish is coming off now :( ) I got to bed around 12:30am.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Almost Packed

I woke up around ten this morning and checked my phone for any messages. I had a message from Sephre and from Bree. I texted Bree for a bit and also chatted with Sephre. After that I took a shower, got dressed, did makeup, the usual. The bane of my existence decided to grace me with its presence today. Go away. *pouts* Anyway, I drank one of my parents protein drinks and got down to the packing. Pretty much I now have everything packed except for toiletries, accessories, and a few electronics I will use before tomorrow morning. Currently totaling 3 large purple bins, 1 storage cube, 1 folding butterfly chair, 1 bagged stack of clothes and a partially packed suitcase.
That is a ton of stuff and that isn't even all of it! Geez...
I leave now to pick up Mnonaa and then pick up Bob. Then we head to Bree's house to meet up to go to youth group and then meet up with other people after. Not sure how I'm going to be home by ten to finish prepping but I'll manage somehow...

Off I go interwebz :)

-Melina Rose

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Today was great.
I woke up and I really don't remember what I did right away. I know I ate some food with my mom while watching an episode of What Not to Wear. We call it what you should not wear :P After that I took a mini-shower and got ready for the day. I believe I called Bob (who is back in town!) and she said she was at Aldi so I went and met her there since I needed to go there in the first place for road-trip snackfoodz. I got Yogurt covered raisins, Trail mix, Strawberry fruit roll ups, Cherry fruit roll ups, Two juice drinks, and a Pineapple. I went back home and unloaded the things and then ran to the bank and withdrew money to pay my teacher for printing my portfolio. $64 seems expensive to me.... Bob's house was on the way back so I stopped in to see if I could kidnap her. We watched a little bit of Make it or Break It and then one of her younger sister's friends came over and we talked for a bit. I had stuff to do so I said I needed to get going and left (without Bob :/ )
I headed home and quick stuffed the cash in an envelope to bring to school. After leaving the money by my teacher's computer in her office and telling her that it was there, I headed to Target to double check some pricing on the clothes I bought yesterday. (Someone said they might be cheaper today.) The shorts hadn't gone on sale but the top was cheaper. Unfortunately they didn't have my size so I didn't get it cheaper. I put that stuff back in the truck and then went in and bought mascara and hangers. Green hangers :D I headed home after that and ate something (though I don't remember what.) I managed to pack up my books I'm bringing to WI and I found some almost brand new blank notebooks! Colorful ones!
It was time to leave so I went and picked up Bree and headed to church for my last worship practice until August. It's small group night tomorrow so no actual music. We just worked on songs that are new to us. It went well. :) Afterwords we went downstairs to find the red ball we (Bree,Tallkid, and Aimee) played with the week before. We found a chalk wall and found a purple basketball as well as two others. Aimee said that the blue one was her child and we had fun throwing them at each other. There was a Bible study a few rooms away that we didn't want to disturb so we went to the big room and looked around. We found Hungry Hippos and I was convinced to play one game. After that we went outside because we were still being loud. We played with a few little kids and I "raced" a little boy.
Bree needed coffee for some energy so we all piled into Tallkid's car and drove to Caribou. I got a caramel cooler. Bree got a chocolate one and Aimee got some kind of iced coffee. We drove over to Target after getting coffee because Bree, Aimee and I needed to get some things for small group tomorrow. It was a blast :D I'm pretty sure that we would have been kicked out if we didn't have a cart full of stuff that we were going to buy. Nothing terrible but we were just being loud and hyper. (This is what coffee and sugar do to you.) We bought the stuff and headed to my favorite field to hang out and be as loud as we wanted. We were all pretty hyper except for Tallkid so there was much laughter involved. He was eating dried peaches so for some reason we just started saying peaches to any question we would ask. Twas fun and funny :D Bree and Aimee had to go home so we bid Aimee fairwell since she lived close to the field and just walked home. We drove to Bree's house and petted the kitties for a while and then Tallkid drove me back to church where my truck had been left. He gave me a surprise present! A cool CD with symphony/piano/screamo music and eventually the book of piano sheet music! :D
I've had a really fun night and am super tired but I have to keep packing. Another bin needs to be filled today!

Until later interwebz! PEACHES

-Melina Rose

Monday, May 16, 2011

Tired. Not sure why I am to this extent.

I'm falling asleep here on the couch. Not sure why....

Today I got up and tried to eat some breakfast but for some reason it just didn't sit well. I then went upstairs and went through my emails, showered and got ready for the day. The chiropractor was next and then I met Bob at Target. I got 3 bins to haul my stuff to Wisconsin in and two pairs of shorts because I literally didn't have any. I also got a tank top and sun dress. :) After shopping I went to Bob's house and we visited her old orchestra peoples. Then we went back and sat on her couch and watched Say Yes to the Dress. I went home and found myself glued to the couch soon after eating my left-over shrimp. Yum.

I need to pack but I am super tired. What do I do interwebz?

-Melina Rose

Labels: Who knew they were addicting?

Yes, this is another post. I have not yet gone to bed. I saw the label feature on these posts recently and was intrigued by the cloud that it creates when you add it to your blog. I wanted a pretty cloud with varying sizes of words! Therefore I decided to label my posts. Little did I know how addicting and fun it is. I have gone through at least two pages of posts and tagged them and I have more left to do. (Which yes, I do plan to.) For now though, I must go to bed. Even though I can sleep in tomorrow, I have stuff to do!

Once again goodnight interwebz....or would it be goodmorning?

-Melina Rose

The Green Malt Machine

Saturday was my last day of work in MN and Tortuga and I hung out after. We got some Taco Bell and then went to her house where I talked to Tallkid on the comp for a bit and we watched Criminal minds and CSI. I went home around 3am. (Tortuga lives a few blocks from me)

Today (Sunday) I was up around 9 something. I wanted to wear my cookie monster shirt so I paired it with my black pencil skirt and heels. I grabbed a cup of coffee and headed off to church with my Daddy. Since I am leaving here so soon, I sat with Bree and Christal. Someone from the college I eventually want to go to actually was the one who gave the word/sermon today! It was good. I have notes if ya want them :P
After church, my parents took me out to eat at Red Lobster to celebrate me getting my associates degree. I'm actually the first person in my immediate family to get a degree! The biscuits were fresh and absolutely amazingly delicious. I got shrimp scampi, salmon, and snow crab legs too! Mmmm. So good. :D
After lunch we went back home. Mom sang this morning at church so we had to drop her off at church to get the car she drove. Dad blasted music on the way back with the windows down and it made me smile. I will miss my parents a lot.
I was completely wiped out so when we got home I just went upstairs and climbed into bed. I didn't sleep but I didn't do anything that required me to think or move really which was nice. I watched My Princess which is a (good so far) Korean drama that I started a while ago. After a while, my momma came into my room and asked me if I wanted to go for a walk. It was pretty windy outside but sunny so overall I think it was nice.
It was a really nice walk. We got to talk about stuff that we used to before I was constantly rushing around and stressed; what we are thinking about a lot, boys, life, lots of stuff like that. I can't say how nice that walk was. I don't think I was smiling very much but sometimes you don't need to smile for something to be good.
After we got back, I got ready to go to a friends house. My small group from church was meeting to have a delectable encounter with the green monster aka an awesome old-school malt machine. It was great and I was glad that I could see some people before I leave. I left the party around 9pm since I was zoning out and no one was really talking to me and I just was tired. I said goodbye and went home. My parents were watching a movie on tv and invited me to join them but it was already part-way into it and I didn't really feel like it.
After a bit, my mom came up and asked if I wanted to watch a dvd. I said of course and we selected Ever After with Drew Barrymore in it. The movie finished around 12am and so I drank a couple glasses of water and brought some apples and honey upstairs with me to my room. Hopped on the computer and talked to Tallkid a bit as well as Sephre. I'm excited to see her! We planned out birthday stuff and talked about pandas and tablets and gothic lolita fashion that we both desperately want to buy. She went to bed around 1am and I guess I have been writing this post since then.
I plan to pack, clean, and hang out with a few friends later today (Monday)

Night night interwebz

-Melina Rose

Friday, May 13, 2011

"You don't have to take the final and you all can eat donuts!"

That is literally what my Intro to Flash teacher told us today. Yay!
I am now done with the following classes:
  • Intro to Flash
  • Career Research
  • Portfolio for Graphic Design
  • Composition 1
Classes left to finish?
  • Intro to Creative Writing
    • Freewrite a page for the final
  • Personal Finance
    • Last Test
That's all! I'm happy about that. :) On the other end there has been increasing pressure from multiple people about many things and it is very stressful. I'm excited to move to Wisconsin next week! I know I'm kind of setting myself up for a semi-miserable summer but I am determined to have fun with it! lol No breaks doesn't have to mean no fun right?...right? Haha.
Anyway, on the to-do list today:
  • Go home
  • Eat lunch
  • Call the college I'm transferring to this fall and see if they will let me register online
  • Do a load of laundry
  • Write my Intro to Creative Writing Final
  • Eat Dinner
  • Start cleaning/organizing/packing?
I would tell you about yesterday but I really should get going and I'm sure it isn't truly that interesting to you (though it was fun) haha.

I'll ttyl interwebz

-Melina Rose

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I hope I don't have to go to Kinkos.... (May 3rd)

I woke up around 8am this morning; got up and stuffed my stuff into my backpack and got dressed and ready for the day. I put my lunch that I packed but didn't eat yesterday back in my bag and then I was off to school. My class only started at 12pm but I went early to try to print my portfolio. The printer worked just fine yesterday but I guess it was grumpy today so it wouldn't print at all. If we can't get it working I will have to run to Kinkos to print everything (super expensive).

Side note: I found this in my drafts unpublished.
I managed to print most of my portfolio at school but I did still spend a size-able amount of money at Kinkos :)

-Melina Rose

Just quick before I sleep

I came home and started crying as soon as I hit the couch. Pure exhaustion and rampant emotions. The good stuff ya know. lol My daddy made me a roast beef sandwich and then I sat listlessly on the couch after eating a small bowl of chips. I have internet on my phone so I just kind of sat and stared at the online friends list on facebook for a bit until someone I felt like talking to came online. It happened to be my new friend Tallkid. I'm pretty sure that I have talked to him more than most people I talk to online. The only exception I can think of would be Lysa. Anyway, he managed to distract me from my stress with lol cats :) A very good thing this is considering at the beginning of this post I was in tears and I am currently in an excellent mood and about to go to bed. Sephre got online after a bit as well and we talked about this summer. I'm so excited to move in with her!! She has a job lined up for me already and another that is almost definitely mine. I move on the 19th! Big change! I'm looking forward to seeing her ^_^
Okay well sleep now so that I can resume my stress until you pass out week :)

Night night interwebz!

-Melina Rose

Monday, May 2, 2011

Bad day doesn't even cover it

I'm so wiped out. I have been pushing myself as hard as I can and I think I have run out of energy just short of when that would be ok. Day after tomorrow is portfolio show. My portfolio hates me. I have to print it all tomorrow and assemble it. I have no energy to function, in fact I'm not sure why I'm updating my blog.
I'm driving home now. Not sure how safe that is but I have to get there somehow lol. I have a four page essay due Wednesday. My final Flash project is due tomorrow. Neither have been started. Both will probably be failed. I just can't get everything I need to done.

All I want to do is sleep interwebz. That's all.

-Melina Rose
Projects put into my electronic portfolio: 16/16
Pages converted for portfolio: 19/19
Pages Printed: 2
Chat Windows Active: 0
Food/beverage: eating apples and peanut butter every once in a while
Current Song: none
Current Mood: Tired, (still working hard)
Days Left Before Portfolio Show: 1

I ditched the flash version of my electronic portfolio for a powerpoint. That is probably two hours wasted? *sigh*So tired of this interwebz
-Melina Rose
Projects put into my electronic portfolio: 6/16
Pages converted for portfolio: 19/19
Pages Printed: 2
Chat Windows Active: 0
Food/beverage: Still working on that cup of coffee and now snacking on some apples and peanut butter
Current Song: Let the Beat Drop - Jonathan Phillips
Current Mood: Tired/Hungry/Working Hard
Days Left Before Portfolio Show: 1

I'm already tired interwebz....
-Melina Rose
Pages converted for portfolio: 19/19
Pages Printed: 2
Chat Windows Active: 0
Food/beverage: Still working on that cup of coffee
Current Song: Now Who's the Man? ~ The Cross Movement
Current Mood: Decent/Working Hard
Days Left Before Portfolio Show: 1

Now I just need to make my electronic portfolio....
Fighting interwebz!

-Melina Rose
Pages converted for portfolio: 12/19
Pages Printed: 2
Chat Windows Active: 1
Food/beverage: Working on a cup of coffee
Current Song: That Girl ~ R-Swift
Current Mood: Decent/Working Hard
Days Left Before Portfolio Show: 1

If only you could help me interwebz

-Melina Rose