Monday, August 29, 2011

Echos in my mind


I woke up at a decent hour and set upon the task of cleaning my room. I ate breakfast first and then got down to it. I didn't finish but I did make good progress. Daddy was washing the cobwebs out of our entryway outside and so I ran outside to get him since we had planned to watch a movie together before I headed off to work. We weren't able to finish it but I found out yesterday (Sunday) that he bought it. I guess I will get to see the end! I went to work and, while it was slow, it was a fairly good shift. After work I ran home and threw my Japanese homework in my backpack along with a change of clothes and drove to the college that I want to go to. My bff/sissy St. goes there! I hadn't seen her in around 6 months!!! It was a much needed reunion. :) We stayed up until 4am catching up on what's been going on with life and then we went to bed.


We were up at 7:45am to go with two of her friends to a church near by.
The sermon was on healing and both St. and I found it very interesting. It made for good conversation later.
When we got back to campus, we both went to the "best meal of the week", Sunday brunch. I'm pretty sure I ate more than I had in the two days before it put together! I was so full. St. had to work after that so we went back to her dorm and I took a two hour nap until she got back.
She took me on a tour of a gorgeous old building there and I attempted to play her the song I've been working on on the piano. I only have parts of it memorized though so, after a bit, I reverted to the few worship songs I know the chords too. She showed me the rest of the building and it was a really great time.
We ran outside to hear someone playing trumpet and both tried to keep down our giggles as we stood underneath the window it was escaping from. It was very pretty. We then skipped back to her dorm and started dinner. While it was cooking, we worked on our homework. I got one page of Japanese homework done and that was it. We had rice and Buffalo chicken for dinner. The dried/candied pineapple she had was an amazing dessert.
After finishing eating, we decided to go on another adventure since it was dark out. I found that I had indeed brought my book of piano music with me and so we went back to the building with the grand piano and I played it for her three times. We decided to record it the fourth time but my arms were already tired from playing it the first three times (it's 14 pages long) and I was nervous since I knew I was taping myself. I ended up making a lot of mistakes... :( Hopefully someday I will play it well without mistakes.
I had to head home after that but as we once again ran out of that building we heard someone playing piano. It was coming from a window fairly close to the one that had been releasing the trumpet before and we stood under it. When they came to a stopping point we clapped and then ran off giggling again.
We were both sad to say goodbye but I plan to make it a point to see her more often this semester. She is a very dear friend and I need to see her more. <3
When I got home, my parents were watching a movie. I ran upstairs and showered while they were still awake. (My shower is right next to their room and so it wakes them up.) They were both upstairs when I got out so I said goodnight to my daddy and then was pulled into conversation with my momma. :) It was a good conversation. She told me to go to bed when I was practically nodding off in the middle of it though. I showed her a few good songs that I feel relate to me right now and then climbed in bed. I set my alarm on my phone and realized that it was just a few more minutes to midnight and Lysa's birthday. I posted on her wall at midnight (woop I got first post. I win.) and then went to sleep.

Monday (today)
I woke up at 6:40 instead of 6 like my alarm was supposed to tell me to. I slid out of bed in a rushed, but not in the least willing way. Got dressed. Throwing my stuff into my bag, I ran downstairs and hopped in the truck to drive to school.
My 8am class was a blur. Like....a fuzzy blur. I was having a really hard time staying awake. For my hour break I came up here and sat on facebook until it was time for Chemistry. Chemistry was terrifying and not in a happy way. Math + Struggling to stay awake = desire to drop the class. I need to call the college I want to go to and talk with them about that. (I already took a lab science but they didn't accept it)
I am now on my two hour break before Japanese, still struggling to stay awake. I'm not awake enough to accomplish homework and there is no place to take a nap so.... I just have to grin and bear it while trying to keep myself awake without caffeine. You see, since I woke up late, I have no food or drink. I refuse to spend a riridiculous amount for something that won't make that much difference. I'll eat when I get home.
I've had....a luna bar. *shrugs* It's something.

I'm currently using loud music and blogging to keep myself awake. I still have the loud music but now I no longer have blogging because this post has come to an end.

Best of luck in the world on non-sleepers interwebz

-Melina Rose

Friday, August 26, 2011

You' Got the Keys ;)

They say we're all in the pursuit of happiness
A life so fabulous so we fight for what's ours like an activist
the struggles here we can find across the atlas
and it all started when Adam gave up his own palace
now the earth waits for it's rightful owner
2,000 years ago the second Adam told us
the kingdom is at hand, died for the sins of man
just so he could bring us back to his original plan
where we rule over the land, meet every demand
while nature awaits for us kings to take a stand
so we need to understand we can change our circumstances
the kingdom is in us so we choose when to advance

You got the keys inside this kingdom,
lift up your head it's only begun,
keep holding on and you'll see the son
everybody sing it now everybody sing it now

[Chorus again]

Ooooooh ooooh oh
ooooooh oh ooh oh oooh

I heard you say that you would die for me, gladly give
your life for me, cry for me, all so I could call you
when I'm so in need of promises you've spoken, my
heart was always broken cause you gave the keys
to life but in my pride I had them stolen, you say that
you redeem us and bring us to a place where we can see
the keys can never be stolen they just misplaced and
so we rise from the ashes, stand for the masses,
[ Find more Lyrics on ]
proclaim that victory is ours, and so
we never give up even though times get hard to
understand, it's never enough for us to sit back
and hope he has a plan we gotta stand up and face the cold
with boldness that is focused on the fact we got the keys
so just believe there's nothing closed


And it's all because

You got the keys inside this kingdom,
lift up your head it's only begun,
keep holding on and you'll see the son
everybody sing it now everybody sing it now


We ain't never givin’ up the keys
No, never givin’ up
We ain't never givin’ up the keys
No, we ain't never, No, we ain't never No

So many promises you gave,
and we just turned and walked away
but now I see the price you paid
was enough for us to live

Yeah, yeah, victorious yeah,
Yeah, yeah, victorious yeah,

You got the keys inside this kingdom,
lift up your head it's only begun,
keep holding on and you'll see the son
everybody sing it now everybody sing it now



Hello there! I managed to stay up till 2 or 2:30am trying to decide if I was going to do more homework or just go to bed. Funny eh?
I woke up this morning at 6am and left the house at 6:40am. I didn't really have time to get ready so I didn't eat and I feel gross because I didn't shower. Mmm. I stopped at the gas station to get a small cappachinno so that I would be slightly more awake and for the drive to school I was. Public speaking was good and it made me laugh a lot. My teacher compared the fear of public speaking to Alice in Wonderland when she was fighting the Jabberwocky. "You just have to turn around and face it for it to shrink." I like that professor.
I left class with my new friend Persia and after looking around the new student center and the Japanese garden, we went to the library to study before class.
I ran into my friend from Chemistry in the hall and we walked to class together. I managed to eat some grapes while we waited for the class before us to let out. Class was rather boring actually. I had already read the section in the book and done the homework that she was going over. I felt like I was going to fall asleep.... I really should get in the habit of going to bed early.
Now I'm on my two hour break until Japanese class. I'm up in the computer lab because I've given up on bringing my clunky laptop. My bag is heavy enough as it is.
I'll probably munch on some more grapes and keep working on my second page of Japanese homework. It isn't due until next week but I want to stay ahead so I can learn it better. People here are always surprised that I'm taking it even though it isn't required. :P

Sooooo I guess I'll talk to you later interwebz

-Melina Rose

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hello there.......if you still even read my blog.

Today I woke up early to go to school again. The drive was much much better than my first day of school considering there was no stop and go traffic. This may be due to the fact that I left 20 minutes earlier. I arrived at school and didn't have trouble finding a spot. I browsed the internet on my phone for the half hour I had to spare before my class.
Public speaking is still terrifying to me but it is going well and I'm enjoying it kind of. Today we had to get up and stand in front of the class to introduce ourselves. Our full name, major, and what animal or vegetable we would be and why. I chose a pheonix even though it doesn't actually exist because they rise from the ashes and I find that really inspiring.
I've always loved pheonixs.
After class I went up to the computer lab to sort out my online stuff. You see, last night when I tried to log in to the online website for homework it wouldn't let me in. I found out that they changed the email system since last time I went here and so I needed to just log in to that. I'm all set up now and have read all of the material for Chemistry and taken my short lab safety quiz.
I got assigned my first homework sheet for that today so I'll probably do it tonight some time. It isn't due until next Friday.
My next class is Japanese at 1pm. I have a two hour break between Chemistry and Japanese. And! I fail at spelling chemistry every time. I always have to backspace and make my e an i. I shall prevail! lol
I love Japanese class even though it is hard. I hope to make at least a few friends there. I mean, come on, we have similar interests! :)
I suppose I should eat something. Sorry I'm rambling now haha. I didn't eat breakfast and it's already 11:56. Pretty close to lunch time if I do say so myself and I rather not be embarrassed by my stomach making loud suggestions in class.
I've been hanging out on here and Polyvore....LtC, YouTube, my writing website, facebook....Yup. Well, and doing my homework of course. ;)
Today has been a fairly good day so far. I'm super tired and hungry but hopefully I will be able to pick myself up a bit and get lots done when I get home cleaning wise. I know my mom would love to see my room clean some time soon.

Until later interwebz,
-Melina Rose

Monday, August 22, 2011


Today was my first day of school at my new (community) college. I left my house at twenty to seven with a piece of toast and started out on my way to school. I stopped in at Caribou and got a small iced coffee with caramel in it before continuing on my way.
It was stop and go traffic so I got a good leg work-out with the clutch being such an active part of my drive. It was quite stressful but I wasn't unhappy. I got to school and had to go to the side parking lot to find a spot. Up a flight of stairs and all the way across the large building and I made it to my Public Speaking class two minutes late. He hadn't started yet. My heart was pounding from the stress and effort of carting my large backpack across the entire college.
An hour later and we were released. I ran and got my student ID number and then got my student ID card before going back across the campus to my Chemistry class. It is a very full class and honestly terrifying. I talked with a girl in that class a bit. Maybe we will be friends.
I had a two hour break before my next class so I went and found a spot by my classroom to eat my bento box lunch. Peanut butter sandwich cut into dinosaur shapes, green grapes, a strawberry and salad. I filled in all of the scheduling information from my syllabuses into my planner which took forever. After trying not to fall asleep for half an hour or so I went into the classroom. Class was exciting but intimidating. I had a hard time understanding the teacher but I have wanted to take Japanese for so long that my enthusiasm overwhelmed any feelings of apprehension.
Class ended and I went downstairs to pick up my textbooks. After picking them up, I walked to my truck and drove home where I promptly climbed into my bed with my laptop.
I don't have much homework assigned yet so I'm not worried.
I came downstairs after almost falling asleep sitting up and ate some mashed potatoes with cheese and chicken that my dad had made. The tv was on and we watched America's got Talent and after eating a bowl of cocoa krispies the show switched to American Ninja Warrior.
It is now 10:30 and I am more tired than I would have thought I would be.

I think I shall go to bed interwebz.

-Melina Rose

Friday, August 19, 2011

Chips. Healthy lunch I know.

Ello my lovelies.

A lot has happened since my last posts in July and there is a lot that I haven't told you. So I'm going to do my best and just tell it as it is. If you don't want to read the following I won't blame you. I treat my blog more like a journal than something for you guys....sorry.

The trip in July to California was to visit my grandparents. It was the last time I was going to see my grandpa before he died. That night was really hard. There wasn't really a goodbye. We just said I love you as he shuffled into the back bedroom. I cried the whole way back to the house. No one noticed.
You see, my grandpa had cancer. They said he had a few weeks. I returned to Wisconsin after the end of the trip and continued with the normal stuffs there. My parents texted me one morning before work to tell me that he would be passing in the next few days. He passed that night while I was at work. My parent's text read something like "There is an email from Grandma you will want to read. We love you." I knew what it was going to say before I read it. I managed to finish my shift. I thought I would be fine but I could tell that I was having a hard time as I finished up. I clocked out, walked outside and as soon as I got to my truck just lost it. I was just like....really? here? in your work parkinglot.... get it together! But no, there I was clinging to the truckbed sobbing my face off. I hate crying.

The rest of my time in Wisconsin was great. :) Sephre and I crammed a bunch of fun stuff into the time we had left. Photoshoots, trips to the asian market, vlogging, antique stores, goofing off, pilates, all that good stuff.
There was the usual stress of packing my stuff up and trying to organize stuff to go back home, getting ready for the wedding I was in, and worrying about the funeral/memorial service. For a while we thought that both Sephre and I would maybe be able to go together but I turned out she couldn't make it. :(
After one last trip to the asian market before I left, we packed up the truck with the extremely confusing and complicated straps (go us) and I made the 6 hour drive home leaving my sister cousin behind. I was sad to leave.
I ended up stopping a lot. I had to add the tarp to the contraption so that my stuff wouldn't get soaked and it took me two tries. The first try was probably about half and hour and the second an hour. It was deathly hot and I was glad to get back into the air-conditioned cab. After that I really didn't want to make anymore stops so I pretty much drove straight through.

Once I got home and unloaded the truck with my daddy I think I just went to bed. I was so tired. The next day I went to worship practice after attempting to unpack everything. It was just Bree, Cheese, Piggy and me but it was good.

We left for Oregon the next day. The day after we arrived was the wedding rehearsal. There were two days to just hang out and then there was the wedding. It was amazing. I would have to say my two favorite moments from that part of our trip would be when I helped my other cousin with his songwriting and the wedding reception. We went to bed soon after leaving the reception. Two hours of sleep later we were at the airport to catch our flight to California.
We arrived in Cali and got some In-n-Out burger. The wake/viewing was that evening but thankfully I didn't have to go. I am very tired of seeing dead bodies and I didn't need the closer. I stayed at my aunt and uncle's house with my cousins instead. Dinner was had and the next day was the memorial service. It was the hardest funeral I have ever been to. I had six people die last year and didn't cry for any of the funerals. Tears were shed at this one. Quite a few. Moving on though. It was good to see family again (even though I had just seen them) and I enjoyed being squished in a limo with my two cousins and the rest of my side of the family. It was their first funeral. I can't imagine.

We went home the next day and I went straight to the County fair with friends. After that I had a sleep-over at Mnonaa's house with Bob.
The next day I went to the beach with Tallkid and hung out for the rest of the day adding Bree laterish for a Target run. I eventually slept over at her house.

Since then it's been fairly busy. I have slept at my own house twice since being home from the trip. Tallkid left yesterday for school and Bob leaves today. St. still goes to college a fair distance away and Mnonaa is a fair distance as well. Everyone's busy.
I'm back to my old work here and that is going well. I got lots of hours my first week back which is good because I need the money. I got my textbooks for around $100 which was a shock and a happy one at that. I'm going to buy myself a nice new backpack. :)
I work 6-c tonight and start school on Monday. 8am class 45 minutes away! wooo

I came home this morning and tried to catch up on all of the blog posts I've missed from the people I follow. Since it started a few months ago it will take me a while. I got a load of laundry done, put away my luggage, and plan to run to Target and Khols right about now.

There's been more that's been going on than that but that is my update for you. You can email me if you really want more.

Until later interwebz
-Melina Rose