Sunday, October 31, 2010

Excited for later today...... (Halloween)

   The movie was great except for a few parts.  Maybe you have heard of it.  It is called Just Wright
   After the movie was done I read some of my posts to my parents.  I didn't notice I had been reading for half an hour so I had to run to get ready for work. 
   Work was pretty good.  I worked with my two "nieces" as well as Mice who I hadn't worked with in forever.  One of my nieces I don't really like to much.  She tends to complain and tell me what to do a lot even though she is younger than me and hasn't worked there as long as I have.  This annoys me.  She told me to stop singing tonight.  It kind of made me rather mad.  She also told T-Bro to see if he could not talk for 15 minutes.  He didn't talk for half an hour.  I really want to call her nasty names.  Even though she was annoying me a lot I still had a good night.  Asian was talking Japanese the whole night.  No idea what he was saying most of the time but I want to learn!  lol
   I came home and got on the computer.  Lysa was supposed to be on but she wasn't so i talked to Bob, St. and someone from Lysas school.  I have been watching hair styling videos and planning St. and Is costumes for later today.  Sleep now though.  It is 3am. :)

Happy Halloween interwebz

-Melina Rose

Saturday, October 30, 2010

My days are like woooo so this post's for two ;)


I got up a bit before ten and did my devotional.  It is really good to be getting into the habit of doing it every day.  I showered and got dressed and did my hair and makeup and ate breakfast.  I then headed to school and worked on my gradient mesh flower.  I went straight to my Chiropractors appointment and my adjustment was really good.  By really good I mean that there were some very loud cracks and my neck ........ouch.  I definitely needed it.  I went back home and got ready for work while talking to St. and Lysa for a bit.  I headed to work and it was pretty slow until around 5 different sports teams came in.  I was sooo tired.  I had realized earlier in my shift that the only thing I had eaten was the Cream of Wheat that I had for breakfast.  I needed food.  It didn't help that Panda Express just opened across the street and you can smell it through our drive through window.  I went home and stayed up until around 3 in the morning to find out Lysas "unbiased review" on a certain musicians singing.  It was good.....:) 

Saturday (today)

I slept in until around noon because I really needed the sleep.  I woke up to a nice voicemail from Lysa and I called her back leaving a similar one.  I then got up and got dressed after which I did my devotions for today and posted about it.  I then started this post and was called downstairs to watch a movie with my parents.  Neither of them are downstairs with me.....  I have been told that I can not have my laptop with me during this movie so I shall be leaving you now. 

More later interwebz :)

-Melina Rose

Day 2

Today's devotional made me think of St. right away.  She really is attune to being a good steward of the earth.  Sooo I decided to post on my devotional again.  I probably will keep posting about them not only so that you can see it but it makes me think about it more.  So once again here is today's devotional from the book called Edge (Every Day God Experience)

Day 2
Large and in Charge

What would happen if your parents decided to take a month-long vacation and left you in charge until they got back?  Imagine being the boss of everyone and everything in your house-brothers, sisters, cats, dogs, hamsters, plants. "Take care of things" is the only instruction your parents give you before they leave.
   How well do you think you'd do? How hard would it be for you to make sure that everyone and everything in your house was taken care of? What would things be like when your parents got back?
   Adam and Eve (and their children) knew the feeling of being put in charge.  But their responsibilities took on a much larger scope.  After God created the earth and everything in it, he invited his human creatures to share in the joy and responsibility of maintaining it.

   Genesis 1:28  God blessed them and told them, "Multiply and fill the earth and subdue it.  Be masters over the fish and birds and all the animals."

   Genesis 2:15  The Lord God placed the man in the Garden of Eden to tend and care for it.

   God tossed us the keys to the earth and said, You're in charge of the place. Take care of it for me. That is why we are called stewards of God's creation.  Stewards are people entrusted with caring for the wealth and property of their master. God has placed us in charge of the earth's resources. We are to use them properly so that everyone can share in its bountiful provision.
   How well would you say we have done in fulfilling our responsibility? When we think about widespread pollution, hunger, and the depletion of resources, such problems often result from being poor stewards. Hoarding resources or taking them without regard for other people or creation itself ultimately harms us all.
   While we may be tempted to dismiss such problems as to big for us to tackle, we must keep in mind that we all have a responsibility to do what we can to manage earth's resources wisely. Several small efforts on a local level have the potential to yield large-scale benefits.

  • Continue to recycle
  • Turn off lights when I leave the room
  • Try not to leave water running as long
  • Pick up and throw away my trash (don't ask lol)
  • Try not to stand there with the refrigerator door open
   I don't really think about managing the earth to much but it is a very valid point.  Even cleaning my room could bring glory to God.  (Trust me it could lol)  I'm just saying;even if you don't see it as a big thing you can bring glory to God through whatever you do.  So in whatever you do do it well.

To tired to write a full post

I am going to bed but I wanted to say that later, today I guess it is now, I will post for today and what is now yesterday.  :)

Friday, October 29, 2010

Day 1

I think I finally found the book that I am going to use for my devotional.  I think it will keep me involved and thinking about it through the least I hope so.  It is called Edge by a whole bunch of people.  I got it back in 2003 from our church.  The message inside reads:
   Melina, May God continue to lead and guide you as you seek after His will.  Always look to Him for your guidance.  God bless, (My Church) Sunday School  6/1/03
   I am not sure if I will share every day but I might.  This time I will.

Day 1

   Sometimes it seems like the entire world is made up of cliques.  African Americans.  Irish Americans. Hispanics. Asians. Upper class. Middle Class. Lower Class. A students. B students. C students. Baby boomers. Generation Xers. Haves. Have nots.
   In a society so intent on emphasizing differences, it can be tough to find common ground with other people. And yet, in he first chapter of the first book of the Bible, God makes it clear that everyone who draws breath on this planet shares one important characteristic.

Genesis 1:26-27 
Then God said, "Let us make people in our image, to be like ourselves. They will be masters over all life- the fish int he sea the birds in the sky, and all the livestock, wild animals, and small animals."  So God created people in his own image; God patterned them after himself; male and female he created them.

Most people learn at an early age that the world consists of "us" and "them." When on of us is in trouble-whether it's a friend, family member, or neighbor- we'll usually do our best to help that person. When one of them is in trouble-a homeless person who lives in the park, an immigrant family struggling to support themselves without a steady income, or a  starving tribe in a foreign land-we're not as motivated to help.  Why? Because we don't take their plight personally.  We feel very little connection to them or their situation. We have nothing to gain by easing their hardships. Or so we think.
   In reality, if we take God's words spoken at creation to heart, we will recognize that there is no "them"; there is only "us." We are all created in God's image. When we choose to ignore the struggles and difficulties of our neighbors, no matter who they are, we slight the ones who bear the imprint of God's Marvelous creation.
   On the other hand, when we choose to get involved int he lives of those who are struggling, when we decide to focus on similarities rather than differences, we reflect not only God's image, but his grace as well.

  • Try to see others through God's eyes
  • Focus on similarities even if there are more differences
  • Not hold grudges against people who have wronged me
  • but instead learn to trust people even if that means pain
  • Seek out the people who are not in a "group" and show them God's love
So I guess I would like to challenge you as well as myself.... What are you going to do?

What I already posted twice today? So what!

You can't make me leave.....

 Because I feel ..... How do I feel?  Sad, Lonely, Edgy, Melancholy, Listless?  Yeah feelin a little emo.  I'm lonely ok!  *sigh* is a good playlist.

and picture....
taken from this website....

idk.  I should just go to bed.

It's to bad you aren't a person interwebz

-Melina Rose

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Do you remember the last time we did that?

So I just got done talking to Jayne on the phone.  I think our conversation time totaled around 2 hours!  It has been years since I last talked to her that long on the phone.  Haha the last time we took just half an hour to say goodbye because we kept trying to trick each other into thinking the we had hung up when we hadn't.  It ended with me hanging up and then calling back to apologize for hanging up.  Haha those were the days.....
I will tell you about our conversation once I return from food.  I am desperately hungry and shall not be kept from sustenance!!
I return with Special K with berries (strawberries) :)
Ok so she popped up on chat and our conversation and we talked about some random stuff and then got talking about what we disagree on.  She ended up calling me and we started talking about what we disagree on and how we are different and pretty much what happened with our relationship.  It was a good talk and there was a lot of laughter and long awkward silences.  We made two lists. One of things we disagree on and one of things we agree on.  Both are somewhat sketchy but here they are.

Things we disagree on:
Friends (We have friends that have wronged each other and our other friends- how we view that and if it matters in our relationship)
Dating - not the general idea of it mostly, but putting into action
Personalities -Completely opposite
Writing Poetry- I do she doesn't
My Future - although she agrees (lol)
This list
My shoes - haha (she hates it when I wear heels and wants me to be shorter)
Neopets (yes, neopets-I like she doesn't~even though I haven't played in forever lol)
Bipolar/mental illnesses in general
Blogging - She doesn't like it because of past experiences with people and I.....well this is my blog isn't it?

Things we agree on:
Politics - abortion, gay rights, small government (As far as we can tell)
Our senior pastors wife- we both like her lol
People - good/bad
Longs walks-we both like them
Sims-both enjoy playing it
Alcohol-follow the laws, not good to get drunk, rather not have people drinking in front of people who are underage
Graphic Design-from two different view points

So there is the gist of what we talked about.  It was a good talk and I think we both benefited from it.  It will be interesting to see what happens with us. :)  I love her though and care about her.  After all she is my "adopted sister." :)
I hear that you can make phone calls through the interwebz...

-Melina Rose


Dreams are strangly normal when you are asleep

but when you wake up you wonder why it was so strange.

   Today I woke up ten minutes before I had to leave for class.  I wore the same thing I did yesterday except with a different shirt underneath.  My dad had left some coffee in the pot and I downed it as fast as I could before I left.  It was nice to have something warm to drink.
  First class of the day was Advanced Electronic Publishing.  I am just going to call it AEP from now on.  I worked on the content for my calendar the entire class period. 
   I went home and inhaled the left over cheeseburger casserole while scanning in and uploading my homework for Proofreading.  After that I quick straightened my hair and did my makeup.  Random yes I know. 
   I went back to school as fast as possible and got down to working on my gradient mesh for Advanced Illustrator. Including class time that we were given to work on it I spent a total of 161 minutes on just that today.  If you don't want to do the math that is 2 hours and 41 minutes.  I took one 5-15 minute break for that entire time.  I had my next class right after AI and so transferred my stuff to the other classroom and then attempted to not fall asleep the entire class.  You see, I had been going so non-stop that I hadn't had time to realize how tired I was until I was sitting down trying to listen to a lecture.  Soooo I talked to Lysa a bit to try to keep myself awake.  Class ended and I went home.
   I grabbed some leftover popcorn from last night and then took a nap.  I had a really strange dream.  I am slightly concerned about my subconscious lol.  No you don't get to hear my dream.  It was to weird. Yeah....
   I got up and had dinner with Mom and Dad.  We had leftover soup!  It was good. After that I came back upstairs and got back on the computer!....the end?

I'm sure I will be seeing you later interwebz

-Melina Rose

2 Hours and 15min.............and some other stuff

   Today was a really busy day but a good one. :)  I got up 10 min before I needed to leave for class and threw on a t-shirt and then put a sweatshirt over it.  I looked outside and thought "mm it is raining again........why is it white?" 
   Yes our first snow was today.  No it wasn't what I was hoping it would be like.  It was more like it was slushing than snowing.  It was very cold and I was very glad for my mittens.
I got to my Advanced Photoshop class and was the only one with my Magazine cover done.  I sat around a little bit and talked to people on the computer.  I finished my numbers project up and printed it out.  Lazed around a bit more and then turned in my project.
   Md and I headed to my house and ate lunch while watching part of Transformers.  I had chili and she has spagettios.  Yum.  We left my house at 1:15 pm so that we could run to her house to get her book cover and coat but we were talking so I automatically headed to school.  We didn't notice until we were practically there so she said she would get it some other time. 
   Once we were at school she went to class and I went up to the computer lab to work on homework. I made a couple more polyvore sets and after a bit of meandering around the internet I got down to it.  I spent two hours and fifteen minutes on my gradient mesh dahlia.  I tried to go buy something to drink but the change machine wouldn't take my five.  It was very sad.  I went back to my computer and Bob suggested finding a drinking fountain.  I did and the water was surprisingly freezing cold! 
   I got back to my project and then left for home so that I would be showered for youth group tonight.  I got my hair partially dry by the time I had to leave.  It was meal night this week.  We had chili with cheese and sour cream as well as cornbread and chocolate chip cookies. 
The word was given first on the 6th commandment which is Don't kill.  It was a good word and we split into small groups.  After small groups we got back together for the blast and then jumped into worship.  It was really good.  We had a new song and then the other ones were really good too.  At the end they had mercy is falling and Bree and Christal and I all did the actions that we learned years ago in VBS. 
   I need to go to bed now because it is almost 1am but I will tell you about the rest in my next post.  Haha not that you care to much but eh.... whatevs.

Night night interwebz

-Melina Rose


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Yay for productive days :)

   Today I woke up on time and took about 20 min to get ready for my 8am class.  I headed to my Advanced Electronic Publishing class and actually payed attention.  We talked about our calendars that were due and our next project which is our newsletter.  
   After that I ran back home and had some pea soup and french bread and the rest the jello that I had made while watching part of Confessions of a Shopaholic. I went back to school for my Advanced Illustrator class and worked on my flower with the gradient mesh.  After that I rushed home and backed a bento for dinner.  Went back to school again and got to my Advanced Typography class an hour early so I finished my numbers project for that class and assembled my brochure for Advanced Electronic Publishing.  My online open book midterm for AT was open at 2:30pm and I took it in less than half an hour.  It was done before our class even started. 
   I stayed in the class room working on the numbers project and my magazine cover until a little after 6.  I talked to Lysa and Bob for while and that was nice.  I made up a really fun story for Lysa. :P lol
I went home and nearly got blown away by the crazy strong wind.  I wrote a kind of poem about it.  Here it is:
As I step outside I am swallowed by the roaring of an ocean of air
I stumble backwards as I am hit by the wall of wind
I steady myself and push forward
It takes me three times as long to walk to the truck
I grasp onto the handle and pull
Nothing happens until I put my whole weight into leaning backwards
I brace myself and finally coax the door to open
I throw my backpack into the truck and try to pull the door closed
Mr Wind held my door open for a little longer
After a while he loosened his grasp and let me pull it closed
I battled the blustery weather and pulled into my normal parking spot
As I once again trekked to my destination
The constant stream of air combed its fingers through my hair
I reached the door and concealed myself from the wind

   I drank the soup that my mom had made out of a large mug while sitting and watching glee and dancing with the stars and talking with people on the computer.  I am now watching the rest of Confessions of a Shopaholic.  I made a few sets on Polyvore and ate part of my parents stash of chocolate. :P 
   I miss my friends still.  I really thought I was going to be sitting at home on Halloween.  Not saying that I don't want to hang out with my parents but I normally hang out with DLBF and she made plans and didn't invite me.  But I asked St. if she was doing anything and she isn't!  She has to double check but the plan is to get free Chipotle and then go to the Arboretum dressed up. :) Looking forward to it.

What are you doing for Halloween interwebz?

-Melina Rose

P.S. Here is one of the sets :)

Wishes she could talk about it without worrying that it would be understood.

If you figure out this is about you I'm not sure what you will think or if you will care but here it is.  You made me very sad tonight.  I don't completely understand why you are suddenly being like this.  I'm no threat.  You don't have to worry at all.  But it really makes me sad.  I wish I could make you know I just want to escape and see you.  See you.  Not other people.  Yes it is fun to hang out with them but you would be the reason I was there.  I miss you and don't want to wait until the next time you come back to see you again. 

As the rain comes down
I feel as if my face is a wall of this house
But even if that wall is soaked with rain
It keeps me dry as long as there are no openings

Now I am sad.  I don't know what to do to make it better interwebz.
-Melina Rose

Monday, October 25, 2010

Convincing myself to go to bed. Because I should.

   I did more homework and talked to people on the computer. Lysa made me want a bento box so I made myself one.
   I brought my homework and laptop down and started on it.  I ended up making a bento box with a rice ball, two deviled eggs, a few grapes, and a small dish of jello.  I managed to spill the liquid jello all over our wood floor and burn myself on the lid of the egg pan but the food tastes good so it was worth it.
   It is difficult to try to talk to people while cooking lol.  I tried but for some reason my laptop was running slow on gmail chat.  Just gmail chat though..  (side note: many thanks to my dad for fixing my beloved laptop and returning her to me)  Jayne was on gmail and popped up in chat.
   Her and I have a very interesting relationship and it is very hard for me to continue staying friends with her.  Her decisions in life are terrible in my eyes and I try to be there for her but she continues to bring up things that I do not approve up that involve me.  There is someone that we mutually know that I want nothing to do with because he is scary.  He tends to get angry very easily and can be violent at times.  He has hurt my other friends and made at least of them cry.  I don't like him and I never want to talk about him with Jayne.  Unfortunately she considers this guy one of her best friends.  She continually goes on about how amazing he is and how he is such a good friend.  I'm glad he can be that for her but she needs to not talk about him to me.  She decided to bring that up and then talk bad about one of my friends.  She wonders why I got so mad at her.....  How can she not know when I told her straight up what was making me upset!? Gah.
   All of this was while I was cooking and attempting to talk to St. and Lysa.  It made me very upset.
Anyway I got on to give an update and then go to bed.  Therefore I need to go to bed.  It is much to late for me to be up.  I have a 10am class.

I hope I wake up on time interwebz...

-Melina Rose

P.S.  I made this today before going to bed.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

How do you feel lonley when you aren't alone?

I have spent most of the day talking to people and blogging and organizing my computer.  I still feel lonely.  How is this. Two of my best friends moved out of state for college and the rest of my friends are either far away or tend to not be available.  Realistically I shouldn't be available....  I should be doing homework.  But it is gloomy and quiet outside and people are coming in and out of the movie theater.  It is like the holiday season is starting but I am left outside of it.  I am not sure why I feel this way. All I know is I need to do my homework...

Picture credit :

Yesterday. Decisions. Change. Time. Now.

It has been two days since I last posted and I have so much to tell you.  This is going to be another very long post so I will try to break it up so if you don't read it all at once you can tell better where you were.  Maybe I should just make more than one post?  Mmmm no....

Friday I woke up around 11am in pain.  It really stunk.  I ate a banana and it helped a bit.  I  mostly just stayed on the computer until I had to leave for work.  It was really slow and that was good.  I took orders in drive through which was also very good because i didn't have to move around to much.  I took some Advil while I was there and it helped but I was still not feeling good.  That was pretty much all there was to Friday...

Saturday I woke up late again and was still not feeling good.  Pretty much the same as Friday except I got a little bit of proofreading homework done before I headed to work.
    I worked 5-11:30 again and it was slow again.  That was good because once again I wasn't feeling good.  My work "sister" and "niece" where there that night and my "neighbor" and them decided that they were going to make up another version of the story of my future with a certain Asian co-worker.  They have very interesting story creations.  I think I ended up with 5 kids, a baby white tiger, owning a lux strip club, and a 10k karat diamond ring.  Pretty funny.  We weren't very productive during the night because of it though so we ended up having to hurry up towards the end and get stuff done.
    I went home and got a text from Mnonaa telling me about a party she was having but it was around midnight already and my parents would not have known where i was so I decided against it.
    I was talking to Lysa on facebook and she went to bed.  I looked at the clock after what seemed like minutes and it was around 3:30 am.  Crap.....  I have church on Sunday mornings.  Needless to say I went to bed.

Morning came early today.  I was in the middle of a really random dream.  Something about some people from Lysas school and ninjas and soup.  .......Don't ask.   Anyway.
     I dragged myself out of bed a few minutes after I was told that my eggs were ready downstairs.  (Thanks Dad :))  I ate them and drank my orange juice and then went back upstairs to throw on a long sleeved shirt and grey sweatshirt.  I figured my new boots would keep me from looking like I just rolled out of bed.  I was about to put on some much needed makeup when Mom said we were leaving.  Guess no makeup for church today.
   We went to church and were on time.  I decided to sit with my parents because one, I don't see them to much and two, I would get to snuggle up to my dad.  Worship was pretty intense.  I finally broke down during Let It Rain when someone came up and quoted my verse. 
   Jeremiah 29:11   For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.
   It is my life verse but I tend to run from it.  I have been running alot lately.  Which brings me to the next section of this post.  My current facebook status:
"I have made a decision. A decision to change. I know it will be hard but I will have help. I cant wait for SER i need my own." (SER is a spiritual emphasis retreat that our church puts on.  Very powerful)
   Long story short.  I took my love of anything Kpop to far and I realized that I had been putting it above God.  It needed to stop and shall immediately.  It is truly terrifying for me though because just one look or listen to something kpop had the ability to make me happy.  That is bad.  I should have been running to God with my troubles and letting him take care of me.  So....from today until I have my priorities back where they should be I have decided to cut Kpop out of my life completely.  No listening to it.  No watching videos.  No looking at pictures.  No dramas.  No thinking about it every waking moment.
   It is unhealthy that it would be that bad and so it no loner will be no matter how terrifying and difficult this is for me.  It needs to be done.
   I would appreciate any prayer you could spare as I ditch what my life has revolved around for the past few months for what it always should have revolved around.
Arigato gozimas interwebz
-Melina Rose

Friday, October 22, 2010

We were climbing ninjas tonight

I left late and ended up braving some intense traffic to get to St.s abode.  There were three car crashes and I almost had one myself.  For some reason I didn't see a car coming and I started to pull in front of it.  I felt pretty stupid but nothing happened except for some swerving.  After I got to the college St. and I dropped off some of my stuff in her dorm.  We got some water and I grabbed a few pieces of licorice for the drive.
We drove to the science museum and found a parking spot on the duck level.  We took the elevator to the correct level and went in.  We were about to walk over and get in line for tickets when the security guard told us in a rather scary voice that we needed to go over to this table to have our bags checked.  He must have known that we were ninjas.  Well we passed the bag check easily.  Everyone knows that ninjas are stealthy. :P  We went and got in line for the tickets and LibE met us in line.  We headed over to the musical stairs and climbed all of the way to the top.
We climbed stairs.
There was no access to the exhibit from up there so we went through the main exhibit and took the elevator down a level to the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit.  We waited for a little bit and then got our audio tour devices.  The exhibit was pretty amazing.  I would definitely recommend it to people.  There was a lot about the history or the land and people and procedures and stuff.  It was to bad there was no photography allowed. I understand why though.  Those documents are over two thousand years old!!
After we left that exhibit area we went out into the geometric playground area right outside.  It was a blast!

"There are some really big kids on the playground!"  haha love little kids when they see teenagers doing little kid stuff. :P
We climbed playgrounds.

The science museum closed and we had to leave but not after piling onto a red blood cell chair while giggling crazily. St. and I took the elevator to our duck floor again and LibE went to her butterfly parking floor.  St. and I were being really goofy and ran and skipped to my truck.  So fun.  Evidently I look funny when i run in high heels lol.  Yes I was wearing high heeled boots the entire time there.  Playground and all.  Twas fun but my feet hurt a bit towards the end.
We drove back to St.s college and got the overnight parking pass.  It was kind of funny.  We are such good ninjas that we had to get their attention to get the pass.  They were just going to let us through. lol
We headed down to the snack cafe thing and tried to order orange chicken and egg rolls but they were out. :(  We opted for chicken quesadillas and i got chips and black beans with salsa.  It was very good.  We also got Mango smoothies and sat with LibE and talked about random stuff.  Things like eavesdropping on conversations in restaurants, people who keep their marriages secret for a long time, and how guys need to man up when they tell girls they like them.  Notes, facebook, and getting other people to tell somone that you like them is not ok!!  Man up! haha.
After eating LibE went to bed and St. and I went on an adventure.  We both got into darker clothes (sweatshirts and sweatpants) and sneakers and started out on our walk.  We looked for adventure.  We walked under a bridge and then I scaled a pretty tall wall.  It was at least twice as tall as I am and I am 5'7".  It was kind of terrifying at the top when there wasn't to much to hold on to but St.  grabbed on to my hand and even though it was scary I made it! lol

I climbed a wall.
We proceeded to skip/run off down the path until we came to a group of trees.  I got up into the tree pretty far and so did St..  A group of about three guys walked past on the path and we shouted hello at them from our hiding place in the tree.  They seemed a little confused and then we started giggling again. lol
We climbed trees. 
After that we continued on our walk and kept hiding from people and cars.  It was pretty epic.  Someone was getting in their car.  St. ran off down a hill and dropped into a shadow and I melted into a tree.  After the car was gone I ran over to her and did a nice slide and ended up next to her.
We continued  on to the island.  It was really creepy.  We both ran over the bridge and then St. ran ahead saying something about how I needed to see this "haunted" chapel.  I wanted no part in it. lol It sounded to much like the start of a horror movie.  But she was sitting on the steps and wouldn't move until i knocked on the door.  So we both knocked on the old handleless door and then I took off running.  If you couldn't tell I am easily creeped out.
We climbed the steps to the creepy chapel.
We started heading back to the dorms through the woods still keeping to the shadows.  There were a few dashes behind trees to avoid being seen by cars. St. decided to run through criss crossing sprinklers and i followed.  It was fun but she ended up completely soaked and my hair got all wet. We were rather cold.
Going through the parking lot on the way back to the dorms we found more things to climb.
We climbed a lamp post.

We climbed a cement block.
As we were sitting on that block and looking at the pictures we had been taking I noticed that a security guard was in the parking lot getting into his car.  It was past midnight and we weren't really supposed to be outside of the dorms if it was past midnight.  As soon as his back was turned we jumped the wall into the grass and bushes.  We stayed crouched down in the dew until we couldn't see his car anymore and then headed back to the dorms.
The fun picture taking didn't stop there though.  We found many more places to take pictures.  Under the stairs in a small space there with lots of messages inscribed on the underside of the stairs we sat for a while.  After that we found random places like the laundry room, a secluded chair, a cubby hole made by two couches pushed together that we found, a doorway that we smushed ourselves in so that our feet didn't touch the ground, and a few poles with wheels on them that we decided to hug.

We headed back to the dorm room and got waylaid by some girls from St.s biology class.  They talked for a while about some stuff they  needed to know for a quiz coming up.  I texted facebook and replied to a guy from our church who saw me here.  He goes to the same school as St. so he was confused to see me their but didn't say hi because he didn't know for sure if it was me.
After that we went back into the dorm room and got ready for bed.  We pulled out the futon and brushed our teeth.  St. studied for her test in OT tomorrow morning and I got on her computer to write this and to get on facebook.  I had a pirate versus ninja battle with one of Lysas schoolmates and I am very glad to say that I won with quite a bit of feisty attitude left over. They guy ended up going to bed. lol
I need to go to bed now though.  I only stayed up to finish this post to tell you about my wonderful night of ninjaness with St.

Be a good ninja interwebz

-Melina Rose

Thursday, October 21, 2010

So I may have forgotten that fall break started today...

   This morning I woke up at 7:20am.  I got dressed and partially straightened my hair.  I gathered my books and headed out the door. 
   I arrived at my nearly deserted school right on time for class.  The classroom was locked and the one person around gave me a really weird look.  I decided to go home and check the calendar to see if for some reason we had no class today.
   I'm on fall break! Yes I forgot.  Yes I tried to go to my 8am class.
   I got home and got on the computer and after finding out that there is no class for the rest of this week I played some facebook games and talked to the few people who where online.  My mom came in and laughed at me and then went back to bed.  I am glad I could provide entertainment for people. 
My mom got back up and made a smoothie which we had for breakfast.  I found a picture of Kyoko from Skip Beat and decided to color it in Photoshop.  I haven't finished it yet but it looks pretty cool. 
Mom and I started making Butternut Squash soup.  We had tried it at the Landscape arboretum and it was soooo good.  It takes a while to make it so we had to start early.  I peeled and cut up the squash while she took care of the ginger, onion, and garlic.  You have to let the soup simmer for an hour so I took a nap for 30 min and then we went on a short walk. 
   I wanted to see how comfortable my new boots are to walk in so I chose to wear them on our walk.  They aren't bad at all so I think I will be wearing them to see the Dead Sea Scrolls tonight at the Science Museum with St..  I am excited. 
   After we got back from our rather chilly and windy walk Mom squeezed the orange and pureed the soup.  It was sooooo good.  
   The plan is to shower and then get my hair trimmed.  I think it is a little over halfway down my back now and the split ends are irking me.  I hope they don't have to trim off two inches like last time though.  I suppose if that is how much they need to though I will deal with it.  Supposedly it helps your hair grow better to trim it every two months.  I don't trim it every two months but I try to keep it split endless. lol
   After that I am not sure what I will be doing.  Probably some homework and cleaning or something.
I am really looking forward to tonight with St.!!  I get to stay at her dorm afterwards too!  :D Excited.

Do interwebz get to see the Dead Sea Scrolls?  I suppose you have pictures...

-Melina Rose

Quick before I sleep

I am just doing a quick update this time since I have class at 8 tomorrow and a really busy day. 

   Today I woke up and drank a smoothie my mom made for breakfast.  I then went to my Advanced Photoshop class and showed my teacher my nameplate/masthead for my magazine cover.  We also worked on printing my book cover. 
   After class I went home and ate a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup.  Yum.  I called my friend Lee to sort out some things and headed to Target to pick up my new boots that I mentioned before.  I love them.
  Got home and worked on homework while talking to people on the phone and computer.  I cut out my book cover and that went well.  I glued the two sides of my brochure together and then cut them but what I didn't realize what that i should have cut them before because since they were back to back the sides where opposite and the part that needed to be cut off did not work to be cut off while attached to the other side.  Wow... that was a long complicated sentence.  Sorry. lol
I skipped youth group tonight because I didn't want to go to the nursing home with my small group.  I started thinking about my Grandma and got really emotional.  I made plans to hang out with Mnonaa.  It was great.  I drew a Tiger boy chibi.  I love it.  Took me over two hours though lol.
I got home and finished watching You're Beautiful with my mom and then got on the comp and talked to people again.  Still talking to them actually. lol
Just logged out.  Haha.  Bedtime for Melina.

Hope you get some sleep too interwebz

-Melina Rose

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

As this day ends I look back and smile :)

Last time I posted I was leaving for Advanced Typography.  I grabbed my new mittens and fruit snacks that I had bought from my moms Target in between classes and headed out.  I got to class and we did review for our upcoming midterm.  I am not to worried about it.  It is open book and only worth 50 points as opposed to some of our projects which are worth 100.  I got the same little slip in that class that I did in Advanced Electronic Publishing.  I am not worried though.  I plan to change this asap.  I got some feedback on my quote book that I did a few days ago and she said it was good.  I tweaked it and all I need to do is print it out! Yay.
I went home because all i had eaten by then was part of a bowl of ramen.  It was 4pm.  I needed food. I inhaled a piece of chicken, 3 carrot sticks, a quarter of a bag of chips, a peanut butter sandwich and a few glasses of milk.  It is 12:20am and I am still hungry. *sigh*
After hanging out with my parents for a bit watching TV I met up with my good friend Bree and we went to Target to "window shop".  It was a blast.  We went to the clothing section and then to clearance.  I found a cream colored lace skirt for around 5 bucks.  I bought it. We ended up going to the shoe sections and I saw the most perfect pair of boots ever.  I fell completely in love with them.  After much discussion with Crissy, Bree, Lysa and my dad I put them on hold to buy tomorrow.
-Side note-
I made a blanket fort in the office last night while talking to Mike W., Bob, and St.
-end of side note-
Came home and had a long talk with my mom about our relationships with God.  Very long.  Very complicated.  Very not being included here. :)
I got on facebook and did a bit of application gaming and talked to people.  St. and I are going to see the Dead Sea Scrolls day after tomorrow and then I am staying in her dorm.  So excited :D

Eh.... don't really know what else to write about
I shall keep you filled in interwebz :)

-Melina Rose

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A day kind of like yesterday...

   Well this morning I thought I had woken up to my alarm but it turns out I went back to sleep.  My mom was so kind as to wake me up ten minutes before my class. (Thanks Mom :)) As I was saying... I got up, grabbed my backpack, put some decent clothes on and went to school.  My first class was at 8 and is one that I don't like very much.  Advanced Electronic Publishing sounds like such a joy doesn't it?.....not really.  Anyway.  I got two of my assignments back.  B's on both.  I guess that is ok.  Then she hands me this post it note with my name and grade for the class so far on it.  Three absences.  F.
*world crashes*
   Long story short I finished a larger project I had due for that class and will hand it in today.  I went home and made myself ramen, recorded myself playing some random piano and then headed back to school for my next class that was at 12.  Advanced Computer Illustration was pretty good.  I finished the petal I was working on with the gradient mesh tool.  Just 20 something more to go. Haha....
   After that I came home, got on the computer, and uploaded my piano recording and some pictures of an outfit that I wanted to share with friends.
   I have to go back to school now.  I have Advanced Typography at 3 and it is 2:28. 

See ya round interwebz,

-Melina Rose

Monday, October 18, 2010

So it turned out a good day :)

I decided on a project to work on and then asked my friends to choose between the two quotes i was most torn between.

"To love is to risk not being loved in return. To hope is to risk pain. To try is to risk failure, but risk must be taken because the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing."
‎"May the love hidden deep inside your heart find the love waiting in your dreams. May the laughter that you find in your tomorrow wipe away the pain you find in your yesterdays."

I ended up doing the first one under a unanimous vote on my status.  I got down to it and finished right before the computer lab closed up.  It took me about..... 2 hours?  Yeah.  It took a long time but I am so happy to have it done.  I am now in a good mood. 
   I came home and inhaled a piece of mesquite chicken that my Dad had just grilled.  After that I ran straight up to the office to tell you all about it. :P

I hope you ended up having a good day too interwebz :D

-Melina Rose

Look who is back at school

That's right.  I am here.  Again.

I went to meet Berry at Starbucks and had literally just been handed my caramel machiato when I got a phone call.  It turns out that Berry has some sort of cold or flu and wouldn't be able to make it.  We set up another time to get together and then i headed back to school.
   Hopefully this time I will actually be focused and get lots done.

Wish me luck interwebz

-Melina Rose

Well....I'm disapointed in myself.

   I went home after Advance Photoshop was done this morning and made myself lunch.  It was very good.  I took two chicken tenderloins and drowned them in butter and Mrs. Dash.  Not complicated in the least but still very good.  My mom made a smoothie that I got part of too :).  I ended up leaving for school again after a break that was much to long. 
   I got to school and saw a guy from my church that I don't really talk to.  He talked to me.  It was weird.  Anyway, went upstairs to the computer lab and got on the computer.  Turned on some upbeat music and told myself to do homework...
   A few hours later.....
   I have accomplished nothing but Face booking, messing with some pictures and updating this blog.  I couldn't even find my assignment I was trying to work on in the book!! :(  *sigh*  It is 3pm and I am meeting Berry at 4 at Starbucks.  *sigh*
   I fail.
   At least I will turn in the rest of the homework from this morning for Advanced Photoshop.  I will work on my Gradient mesh for Advanced Illustrator too.  Man... I need to catch up in InDesign too....

Sorry I have failed you interwebz

-Melina Rose

To answer my random profile question...

My profile asked me to tell a group of kids a story about a bald frog and a wig.  My answer was to long so here it is :)

   Once upon a time there was a bald frog who always wore a wig.  All of the other frogs made fun of this frog.  "Why do you need to wear a wig?" they would tease. The frog would look at all of the humans with their hair and would sigh,” I wish I had hair".  The frog went to his mom and asked "why can't frogs have hair too?".  The wise mother frog responded, "Frogs don't need hair!  God made us the way we are and that is how we are meant to be.  Why do you need to be like something that you aren't meant to be?"  So the frog thought about his mother’s words and took off his wig.  And as he hopped off he was a much happier frog because he wasn't trying to be someone else.

Monday and I'm back at it...

  Well, I ended up staying up until 3am this morning.  I blame it on my two hour nap.  I woke up on time mentally awake but feeling not so great.  My bed was sooo comfy and I didn't want to get up. 
But I have class at 10 so i got up at 9ish to gather my books and get dressed.  Thankfully i didn't have to mess with my hair at all because i had left it in a bun when it was wet and it made it wavy.  It still looks kind of messy but such is the life of a college student.
  Anyway, I got in my truck and listened to Love Ya by SS501 as I drove the 5 miles to school.  I was early for my class which was good because I hadn't done the homework.  I managed to do my thumbnails for my magazine cover layout before my teacher noticed that I was finishing them in class. We turn in our nameplate designs next class period so i took a quick break from writting this and made mine.  I think it looks pretty cool. 
  I am going to head home to grab some food and then come back to work on my typography homework.  I am so behind.  I am looking forward to meeting Berry at Starbucks at 4 though so hopefully I will get a lot done before then.
  I will probably write more later so goodbye for now interwebz :)

-Melina Rose

Hello there

Ok, so it isn't like I have never had a blog before but I really didn't know what to do with it and I kind of ditched it. I am hoping that this one continues on and hopefully some people will pay attention to it and comment on it.  It will probably be a mix of a journal, poetry, quotes and pure randomness.  I doubt I will be posting regularly but I will try to keep posting on it.  Hello anyone who sees this :)

What I did today...

Today I was woken up by my dad with promises of coffee if I got up.  We ate breakfast and got ready for church but we were running late so we didn't get any coffee.  I went to sit with my friends and it was a good service. 
After church I talked to a few friends and then my parents and I went to Taco Bell.  Yum :)  I got a crispy potato soft taco and a chicken quesadilla.  We went home and then went to the movie theater and saw Red.  (Retired Extremely Dangerous)  I loved it.
When we got home I went straight upstairs to take a nap because I was very tired.  I planned on taking just a half hour nap but it ended up being two hours.  That is a long time!  Anyway, when i woke up i went downstairs and ate the piece of pizza that my parents left me and watched the end of the movie they were watching.  My dad made homemade chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. Yum :)
After that I went back upstairs and got on the computer. Talked to friends, added this blog, Face booked, You tubed.... :) Great stuff.  I managed to work on a bit of homework too.  Not as much as I should have though.  It is currently 1:11am though and I should probably go to bed soonish.

Goodnight interwebz :)
-Melina Rose