Wednesday, December 7, 2011

YouTube. Now with a free slap back to reality.

"People are always talking about how they want to get to know God. You people don’t want to get to know God! God is horrifying! God will screw you up! He will turn everything on its head. He’ll make all your leasts your greatests and your greatests your leasts! He will make you come to grips with the reality that you aren’t in control of anything! ANYTHING! You won’t even be in control of your own spiritual highs. So you out there, you better think twice before you say you want to know God. God might be love, but love is terrifying."

   While the videos on blimeycow's channel tend to be sarcastic, this section of the video entitled "Get to Know God" stood out to me. I actually agree for the most part.
   Being a Christian, getting to know God, having a relationship with Him, isn't all fun and games. It isn't always a happy-go-lucky venture. Being a Christian is more than just doing "Christian things" or being a good person. It's not telling everyone Jesus loves them, or winning theological debates. 
   Being a Christian really is giving up your life for God and letting Him fulfill His plan in your life. That doesn't mean that you have to be miserable, or that you have to go be a missionary in some foreign country. God has a different plan for everyone. That being said, it's His plan and not ours. 
   We naturally want lots of cool stuff, and friends, and to have everything work the way we want it to in life. God can see the bigger picture. While it may not be pleasant now, or what we want, or what we think is good for us, it is what's best, because He's God, and He loves us.
   So yes, He will change your life. He will turn everything you thought you had under control on it's head. Your desires and goals will be completely in His hands. You will have to come to grips with the fact that, by getting to know God, you have to let go of control. Of everything. Because "being a Christian" isn't about us. It's about God.

Isn't love terrifying interwebz?
-Melina Rose

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

4. A Community I Love

Well...I honestly can't think of a complete community that I love right now. I know, it's sad.
I do love my church.
I'll chose that as the community that I love. No one is perfect and I guess I'm just having trouble focusing on the good things around me right now. My youth-group specifically is pretty special. You see, normally I would be too old for youth-group. I'm 20. But! My youth-group includes anyone from Jr. High to 30 something. We mix all of the ages together instead of keeping them apart. I think it's pretty cool to see someone in college being friends with someone just starting high-school.

This also means I can never tell how old people are...

Monday, December 5, 2011

Fuzzy Wuzzy

Well hello there!
I've been away for a bit haven't I...
Well, let's see. There wassssss Thanksgiving!

We had our cousins over for thanksgiving. They brought the turkey and the rolls. We made the stuffing, potatoes, green bean casserole, you know, all that good stuff.

.....I started this post a few hours ago......

Since then I've eaten 3 cherry chip cakeballs  and watched both "The Day After Tomorrow" and "iRobot" with my dad.
I got to talk to Bob and St. tonight. I may get to see both of them soonish and meet Bob's bf hopefully. Yeah.

I'm gonna go to bed soon. All I want to do lately is sleep. I fell asleep in the middle of hanging out with Bree and WnN.
Actually interwebz, correction: All I feel like doing is sleeping. There's a difference.

-Melina Rose

3. Should My Town Use Social Media?

Hmmm. Should my town use social media?

I personally don't think that I am the one who should decide if my town should use social media or not. The choice is up to the person who is using it, not someone else. With that being said, some people just aren't mature enough to use sites such as Facebook or tumblr. The amount of ridiculous drama that people can start on social networking sites is frightening. The younger you are, the more of your personal life you seem to put out into the internet. People need to understand that it's really easy for hackers to do just that. They aren't stupid. They can gather information from things like your first and last name, birth-date, parents names and other information.