Saturday, June 25, 2011

When in the course of human events it becomes necessary...

Independence day is coming up soon and after church tonight, it has me thinking about fighting for what we believe in.

When we see something not right do we fight against it? Do we stand up for what we believe in? Do we try to encourage the ones who are struggling?

This world has many things wrong in it and younger people today don't even realize it. They have it taught to them at a young age what our culture expects from them and what is "normal".
I have been reading on this site where people write anonymous letters to their crushes and some are really heartbreaking. Some are beautiful. Some are twisted.
There was one entry that really caught my eye though and I'm going to put it here.

I feel like the whole world is pressuring me into having my first relationship and falling in love and having sex and yet I am not interested in anyone and no one is interested in me so here I sit feeling dull and inadequate all because love and sex is all anyone can talk about and I'm sick of it because I can't empathize with any of it and no one can empathize with me.

I have always found it rather obvious that our culture focuses on this. I mean, you turn on the tv and it isn't even the shows you have to watch out for. The commercials are filled with it. Those subtle voices screaming at you, "Buy this and be beautiful." "If you look this way people will love you." "You need this product for people to accept you." The message off so many of these commercials are "If no one is coming on to you then you are worthless."
It really breaks my heart to see girls just 15 years old saying things like "I've never kissed anyone. Something must be wrong with me." NO!
You are beautiful! You are precious! You are favored by the King and someone will always love you.

Don't let this world tell you differently.

With love to all of you beautiful people out there (YES! YOU!)

-Melina Rose

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Someday, in my made up future, I will wake up to the birds singing and the sunlight streaming through my window. Smiling, I will slip out from between my covers and stretch, fingers towards the ceiling, before walking into the kitchen. I will make myself a delicious, healthy, breakfast and eat it outside in the morning air. After putting the dishes away, getting dressed and pulling my hair back, I will go and sit down at my deep, black, grand piano and let all of my thoughts and feelings flow out of my fingertips until they echo in the air.
Maybe I will laugh, a smile on my face. Maybe I will cry, tears escaping with each note.
And after I'm done, and there is nothing left to be said, I will close that gorgeous piano back up. I will close the doors to the room where the emotions still hover thick in the air, and I will step into the breathtaking sunshine. Eyes closed, I will listen, waiting for your response.

-Melina Rose

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I just miss you OK?!

Please watch in YouTube if you click play. It just is much better.

Yes, I realize my emotions are currently running rampant but I genuinely miss my Minnesotans.

I should go to bed....interwebz

-Melina Rose

P.S. I'm having a blast with Sephre. I just have my moments. Don't judge.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Garage Saling in Illinois!

Today Sephre and my great aunt drove to Illinois to go to a giant mass of garage sales with some other family of mine. It was superbly awesome! I slept the hour drive there and thankfully it wasn't raining. Sephre and I went off to do some adventuring and found some amazing deals. I got two, antique, leather suitcases for $10, a cute shirt, bracelet and earring for $3 and a Stir Crazy popcorn maker for $3. Don't tell my mom about that last one. It's her birthday present! She has been looking for a Stir Crazy for forever! :D

I was going to tell you more but I got distracted answering over 70 notifications and their corresponding 30 emails from facebook. I decided to go through my friend list and write on all the girl's walls just trying to encourage them and make them feel special. I didn't really think about the replies.... haha. Facebook should have an anon option! lol

I have to go get ready for work now! I work 6-c to learn their closing stuff here.

Bye bye interwebz :)

-Melina Rose

Friday, June 10, 2011

I can't feel my arm....just sayin.

Today is my last day of nannying. I am currently sitting on the couch with one of my arms pinned by a child. We are on our third time watching Dora the Explorer. I have my arm back!! Yaaay!  Someone was getting into trouble upstairs so I went to get them to come back downstairs.......and fell all the way from the top of the stairs to the bottom.... *sigh* Ow.
That really hurt. -_- I feel dizzy and weird.

I suppose that I should make lunch for us now...
*goes to make lunch*

Water is on the stove. I'm just waiting for it to boil and then I will make some nice Mac 'n Cheese for the girls.
Note to self: Don't fall down the stairs.
Mmm girls are eating their lunch now. Naptime soon!! For them and me! lol Mmm they both are done now. How did you get covered in cheese? You were wearing a bib!! *sigh*

Yaaay the little two-year-old keeps saying kawaii!! :3

They are down for naps now and I did a little bit of cleaning. I think I might take a nap.....

zzzzzz later interwebz

-Melina Rose

Thursday, June 9, 2011

My first google guitar song :P

Hello my dear blogging world.
As you can tell I've been rather busy and tired.


I worked today. It was actually rather cold outside (and inside too). There really isn't much of anything interesting that has happened today. All I did was work, stalk people on Facebook and write some tidbits. I mean, now I'm writing this but...yeah that's pretty much been it.
I'm thinking I'm going to take a nap. It gives me multiple good side effects. 1) Rest/Energy 2) Escape from thoughts 3) The two previously listed reasons! They are good enough! lol
Maybe I will read my book when I wake up...I miss reading for fun. I'm too tired right now though...

See ya later interwebz

-Melina Rose

But why are you here?

I worked 10-4 today. They decided to send the girl from Minnesota to find the store and get (a very specific kind) of burger buns. Haaa.... Came home really nasty from work and took the best cold shower ever. (It is/was really hot outside) Sephre got back and we did some stuff together and started dinner. She saw that I was exhausted and commanded me to go take a nap saying that she would wake me up for dinner.

This is what I've been told:

She came in to wake me up and thought I was kidding because I wouldn't respond. She yelled, poked, jabbed, made my phone ring and finally shook me rather roughly. Nothing worked except for the last one I opened my eyes. She told me that dinner was ready and all I said was "but why are you here?" LOL At that point she decided that I really needed the sleep and just left me there until I woke up by myself.

I honestly remember none of this.

Once I woke up I had steak, mashed potatoes, and green beans. For dessert, we had brownies and milk. We watched a movie about the life of Jane Austen and then Sephre and I went upstairs to work on catching up on vlog material. We have a ton to catch up but we put one together... I started my work uniform washing and it is in the dryer now.

I guess I'm feeling a little....something I don't know...I can't think of the right word to describe it. I just know that I'm missing people. It's not the "Oh I really miss people" feeling though. Ugh. Can't describe adequately.

I work later today (since it is past midnight now) and then Sephre and I are gonna hang out and do something fun. Not sure what.... lol Maybe we will go swimming? It has been storming since (now yesterday) evening and it is supposed to last through today. It has been incredibly hot every day this week. Always in the 90s. It is currently 63 degrees which is our low for today. I'm sure it will heat back up in the morning.

I'm going to sleep interwebz. Goodnight...

-Melina Rose

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Quote of the Moment

The opposite of talking isn't listening. The opposite of talking is waiting.
Fran Lebowitz

To my dear readers: I will try to get you an update soon. I meant to write one (or more) today but I just never got around to it. (To much reading of a certain addicting website)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Shhhh I'm not awake

So I really should go to bed and sleep and such but I can't seem to feel sleepy. I leave for Wisconsin again at 8am and am scheduled to arrive at 11:11am! I like that arrival time :) I will have to fill you in on what I have been doing this weekend when I get back. I have more "free-time" there than I do here in Minnesota. It is really hard to try to see everyone in such a short amount of time! Here is the quick run down. I'll add more details later...

Wedding rehearsal
Went to bed around 12? *can't remember*

Got coffee with Bree and Christal
Watched From Prada to Nada  with my mom
Wedding reception
Stayed up late talking

Got up around 10am
Switched out cars
Picked up Mnonaa
Met up with Bree
Went and did Christals hair for prom
Went back to Bree's house and waited for people to show up
Went to an awesome park and hung out
Went to Chipotle where Mnonaa treated me :)
Said goodbye to Tallkid and then dropped off Bree
Drove Mnonaa home
Went home
Ate pie with family while watching Fair Game
Watched the end of my cousin winning a competition on tv
Went to Bob's house and hung out
Came home and sat on the deck with coffee looking at the stars and listening to the night sounds
Came inside and brought some of my stuff upstairs
Talked to Sephre and Tortuga online
Partially packed cool dresses to bring back to Wisconsin for photoshoot(s)

Should be asleep since it is 3:17 in the morning.....

Forcing myself to sleep though I'm not sleepy interwebz

-Melina Rose

Thursday, June 2, 2011

and in other news I have 2,000 pageviews! Thanks!

I am back home as of yesterday :)

I landed around 4pm and my daddy picked me up :) We went home and he made his version of a chocolate cooler. (pretty much an iced mocha) It was very good. I had gotten up a little after 7am to bring Sephre to nannying and after eating breakfast there, went back to the house to pack and then go to her boyfriend's house. He drove me to the airport (Thanks!) and then I sat there for two hours until it departed. I ate some fancy trail mix and some cheese curds for lunch and then got on the plane. I arrived around an hour later and got my luggage; waited for him to come pick me up. I left for youth group around five or so and was very happy. I walked in to them singing I Will Run  and just felt the joy wash over me. I missed my youth group very much. After they were done with their practice I immediately ran over and glomped Bree. Maybe a little violently but I couldn't contain my happiness. :P We ran outside and swung on the swings for a while before setting up the food table for dinner. We had hot dogs, chips, and strawberry pie. Not healthy at all but very good since I was very hungry.
After dinner everyone went down into the amphitheater for their small group time and Bree and I cleaned up dinner. I didn't miss out on much since I'm going to be back in Wisconsin when each group is doing their stuff. I had fun cleaning up with Bree. I wiped down all the tables and the grill a little and she brought most of the stuff down. Then we washed the two giant coolers for the drinks and I managed to get us a little wet with the sprayer :P
We went upstairs for the word and then she went onstage for worship. Worship was absolutely amazing and I haven't felt it that strongly in a while. It was a great night. After, Christal and I went to Perkins with a bunch of other people from youth group. I went to Bob's house after dropping Christal at her home and hung out for  a bit. She slept over and we stayed up till two in the morning watching The Social Network. We didn't finish it all.
Sleep: A little less than 5 hours

Bob woke me up around 9. I am not sure why still. Dear, I needed that sleep! She was intent on getting me up though so we did. Mom made us scrambled eggs and we each got a strawberry. After finishing our movie, I brought her home (almost falling asleep on the way back) and crashed on the couch. Mom found me their and I went upstairs to take a nap. I got up at one I think not feeling any more rested than before. We ate some Kashi cereal and then went to Kohls, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Savers. I got another pair of pants for work at Savers. I thought it was funny that the only pair that fit the I tried on were Express ones and I had just been talking about that store the other day. (Yesterday?)
Anyway... We went home and I got ready for the wedding rehearsal. I realized that yes, I had packed more than one dress (thankfully) and ended up wearing a new (to me) black dress with a belt and my converse. My only color was my zipper earrings which I love. :P
I showed up to the place for the wedding and we ran through it a few times. It is going to be outside and it was super windy! I did a lot better at the song than I thought I was going to and I feel better about it now.
We then headed to the rehearsal dinner. The bride's friend and I got lost and were fifteen minutes late but it was all good. I had never been to Casper's before but from what I had they have good food. I had the Minnesota chicken as well as their house salad (which is AMAZING *cough* maybe I was just really hungry) and then strawberry shortcake.
I got home and sat down on the couch. My phone has been on low battery for a while but I'll charge it tonight. I had no energy to make an extra trip up the stairs. (Don't judge me :P ) My parents were watching an old movie. Something like love affair or something. I don't know. I sat on the couch working on this post while we watched it.
Now I'm chatting with Lysa, Tall kid, Sephre, Bob and earlier I was with St. but she got off. I really need to go to bed now that I've finished this post.
I have a headache and am already half asleep....
Sleep: A little less than 7 hours?

Oyasuminasai interwebz

-Melina Rose

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sorry to leave you on that note...

Also, sorry I haven't posted in a few days. I've been busy :)

Shoutout to Bob for giving me great advice regarding my "Thought overload" post. Thank you for being a great woman who shares my values and doesn't fail to remind me of them. :)
I am no longer worrying about those things (for now :P ) and am much happier.

To Ashley: If you want to know what is going on feel free to email me :)
You always make me feel so cared about when you comment on my posts. I'm sorry I haven't been on much. I hope to get back to reading your posts soon...

I did end up going for a walk that day :P It was raining, thundering, lightening and very windy but I was bound and determined to go for a walk. I needed an escape from my thoughts (or maybe into them) more than ever that day. I came back not drenched, but wet after walking less than half of my normal distance.

Sephre and I have been up to our usual shenanigans. We have done two photoshoots and they were both awesome. The first one was {Black} which happened to be freezing cold! The second one {White} was burning hot! We just couldn't win! lol

I will have to post more later but for now I need to actually go to bed. I drive Sephre to nannying tomorrow early and it is already ten 'till two in the morning!

I fly back home for the weekend today interwebz :)

-Melina Rose