About Me

I love the random-est things. Black and White pictures, Peaches, Frogs, Long walks just listening to music, drawing, writing, Christmas lights, climbing trees, coloring books, blanket forts, high heels, the wind in my hair, Phoenixs, laughing until you can't breathe, comfortable silence, Narnia, fresh baked cookies, interior decorating, comfy beds, adventures, Gryphons, Domo, belted dresses, buttons, Septimus, the clean feeling you have after a shower, SHINee, Ramune, Kpop in general, good quotes, experimenting with cooking, attempting to make clothes, Suju, B2ST, food, honey, bunnies, calling bunnies bunnehs, tigers, Bell from Beauty and the Beast, sitting by a fire with hot cocoa and a good book, Guild Wars, sunsets, the ocean, mountains, friends, things you say at 4am, past attempts to write romance, laughing at those attempts, poetry, singing, playing the piano, Andes mints, pandas, blogging, vlogging, playing with random makeup, hugs, stories about when you were a kid, and many many more things.