Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Simple Earnest Reliance (Part 2)

20th (continued)

We were split into four teams.  The competition started out with the olympics of the mind.  There was charades, the question game and some other things.  After that we headed outside for two of the physical challenges.  I participated in the first one of those which was a throwing one.

FAIL AT FINISHING THIS POST :O (found in drafts May 16, 2011)

-Melina Rose

Simple Earnest Reliance (Part 1)

This post is also a catch up post.  This one will cover around four days.  18th-21st

18 (Thursday)

   I went to AEP at 8am.  My teacher wasn't to encouraging and I was really discouraged.  I went home and ate and then came back for my AEI class at 12pm.  I continued working on my packaging design but wasn't feeling well so I went to my AT teachers office and told her that I wasn't going to be in class because I wasn't feeling good. 
   I went home and slept for three hours.  I got up and called DLBPF and told her I was going to be coming over.  I packed up my costume and pj stuff and headed over.  Once I got there we worked on my costume for the midnight whoing of Harry Potter 7 part 1.  I am not a huge fan of HP but I love going to midnight showings!  We got my costume figured out and then after Dan and Ron got there we took pictures.  We had the whole Malfoy family.  DLBPF was Lucious. I was Narcissa. Dan was Draco and Ron was Dobby.  It was a win.  I greatly enjoyed it.  We reserved our seats by covering them with blankets and wo pieces of paper.  One read Reserved for the Malfoy Family.  The other read and Dobby (steal and you will be cursed).  We walked around the hall in our costumes and took a picture with a guy in a start trooper helmet.    The movie was good and we went to Perkins afterward and ate food.
   I always get breakfast food after midnight showings.  The one time I wasn't going to was when we went through the Mc Donalds drive through at 3 or 4am after a showing.  Bob asked for a McChicken and the order taker said that they were cleaning their grill so they didn't have any hot food.  Bob said in the saddest voice "No McChicken?".  It was pretty funny and sad. As we drove past the drive through to move on to our usual Perkins meal the person leaned out of the drive through window and shouted after us that they were sorry they had no McChickens.  It was really funny.
Anyway... I got to bed around 4am.

19 (Friday)
   I got up and packed myself up to go to our church retreat that evening.  I was so tired.  I think I might have gone to school and got some stuff done but i'm not sure.  I picked up a few Lychee juices from Cub and put them in the refrigerator for the trip to the place where the retreat was.  I ran to Burnsville and bought two bags of Turkish Delight for the road.  (I managed to keep one uneaten!)  I then headed to church and got all of our stuff packed into moms car.  We were standing in the foyer of our church waiting for everyone to show up and Lysa walked through the door!  After standing there with my mouth hanging open making weird sounds, I screamed and glomped her.  I was so surprised!!  She held up a little paper with five little people in animal suits and the words "Is this the reality you wanted? kekekekeke"  It was awesome.
  After much talking and the rules for the weekend being read we were off!  I had my dads GPS so thankfully we would not get lost.  It was around a 45 minute drive but we ended up arriving in the middle of nowhere at this retreat center!  We got there a little ahead of everyone and it was already quite dark.  We drove down a long road and up a huge hill.  There was a culdisac kind of thing there with some cabins but we had no idea where we were supposed to go so we drove back down the hill to where the larger buildings seemed to be.  As we were coming down the hill the caravan that was everyone else in my youth group drove in.  My youth pastor got out of the front car and went into the office to let them know we were there.  After that we drove back up the hill to the cabins.  They split the girls into two cabins and the guys into two cabins.  We were the bear cabin and the other girls were the wolf cabin.  They were really nice cabins!  Heated floors, loft, multiple bathroom and shower stalls, and little cubbies for each of us to put our toiletries in!  I was up to sing for that nights session so we hurried up and headed back down the hill for the evening session.  We had chili with cheese and sour cream and then proceeded with the word and worship.  Afterwards we went back up the steep hill and went to bed!  I was very tired!


I was slightly aware of an annoying beeping noise around (so I am told) 4am.  I remained half asleep until it took over my thoughts.  We thought it might be someones alarm or phone or maybe the smoke detector.  No.  It was my keys to the car.  Not sure why they were beeping but it was.......lovely.  Anyway, part of our cabin was already up showering and such.  I got up and got dressed and pulled on my new black and white striped hoodie.  It has built in headphones but we weren't supposed to use them so I didn't.  We headed down the hill to breakfast.  We were pretty much the first ones there.  We sat down at a table and waited for the rest to show up so we could start.  Finding that there was a cappuccino machine, I drank around 3 cups of french vanilla before breakfast was even served.  It was soooo gooood.  Breakfast was good.  There was bacon or sausage, french toast sticks, yogurt, and fruit. 
   After breakfast we walked back up the hill in the cold to do our quiet time.  A group of us girls sat in the loft to do it.  I suggested reading Isaiah 40 to them since they were asking me for ideas on where to read.  Why Isaiah 40?  Well I'm not sure if I blogged about it but a while back but when I went to deliver Thanksgiving baskets with a group from my church we had the privledge to be blessed by talking to a pastor at another church.  He asked one of the other girls to read the passage aloud and for us to listen and take it to heart as if God was speaking it directly to us.  It was really powerful and I haven't gotten it out of my mind since.
   After quiet time was done we went down the hill to eat lunch. I don't exactly remember what we had but..... it was good. lol  After that we were informed that we had a few minutes to put our stuff back in our cabins and grab warm clothes.  After that were the first annual Olympics for this retreat. Oh...and it wasn't optional. 

Good stuff

I find this girls playlist very calming. :)

I bought a kids meal just for the toy...

Monday, November 29, 2010

Just a quickie

I am currently working on another post to catch up on what i think was.....last weekend?  I don't know.  Anyway this is today.

I woke up around 8:30am and got ready for school.  Had a smoothie for breakfast and then went. Had class. Did homework. Went home. Made lunch for myself.  (I'll put the pictures and description in later) Now back at school. Finished Ad. (I think...) Going home. Doing dishes. Going to Jaynes birthday dinner.

I'm so busy interwebz...

-Melina Rose

Polyvore set of the day (aka P.S.)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Shivering Hope

I sit here cold
No feeling
No breath
Shaking like my resolve
Hope rallies my clammy heart
Warmth as if from a hug spreads through
and even though only my heart is warmed
I sigh and continue along this snowy road

The Leeks leaked on me (A tale of Blanket forts, Narnia, and an adventurous Gourmet meal)

This post was meant to be written quite some time ago. But it shall be written now because  I fail.

   I randomly had the night off of work on a Friday so I called up St. to see if she was free.  She didn't pick up so I left a message and went to dinner with my parents at OCB.  She called back and said that she had a concert but after it was done I should drive up and spend the night.
I ended up getting there around 11pm and we were both very hungry.  We decided to make a "gourmet meal" so we used my dads GPS and drove to Target.  Target closes at 10.  We drove to Cub :)  We had great fun going around the store getting our ingredients for "Asian food."  We went and found the leek and attempted to weigh it.  The scale didn't work.  We adventured around the store gathering beef, garlic, soy sauce and rice.  We managed to find the smallest piece of ginger and I dropped it on the ground.  I think our giggling was rather loud.  After gathering all of the ingredients (and chopsticks) we headed to the check out and a random creepy guy rung us up.  We ran outside into....... the snow!  It was coming down heavily in large flakes/blobs.  It was so pretty!
   After driving back to her dorm, we brought our groceries upstairs and started making the meal.  St. had some cookie dough and so she made chocolate chip cookies and the rice.  We had to borrow a bigger pot from one of her neighbors for the rice so that it would cook properly.  We had an adventurous time making the meal and the leeks leaked on me.  While the rice was finishing cooking we worked on making a blanket fort with the card table, two desk chairs, bench and some other things.  It ended up spanning at least half of the dorm room.  Win. 
   Our food was done cooking by 2am and we moved it into the blanket fort and prepared to watch Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian.  I had bought some Turkish Delight from Tj-Max and so we all ate some.  After finishing our food we settled in better and I was the first to fall asleep.  The other two followed and then we all woke back up and went to bed. 
   The next morning St. was woken up to me repeatedly saying her name and pointing at the window.  We had gotten around 7 inches of snow in just that one night.  It was absolutely gorgeous.  We went back to sleep since it was 7 in the morning and then later got up to clean up the blanket fort and dishes. 
   After bringing the portion of my stuff that could be cold to my truck we decided to adventure around outside in the snow.  We took a bunch of pictures and then adventured into the woods of Narnia. :)  It was gorgeous there and covered with snow.  I had to leave an hour earlier because of the driving conditions though so our Narnia trip was not as long as we would have liked. 
   It was a blast though.  I drove home braving un-plowed freeways laced with large icy puddles and semi trucks.  I made it home safe and after taking some time to get ready I headed to work. 
   Since I am writing this some time later I do not remember what happened after that.
  I will add pictures to this post later :)

Have you ever been to Narnia interwebz?

-Melina Rose

I want time.

I haven't posted in what seems like forever and unfortunately we will have to continue waiting for a real one.  There is lots to talk about so when I once again have time there will be a flood of long posts.  That is if I can remember...  I hope I can.  For now I am going to bed. 

Goodnight interwebz

-Melina Rose

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Day 11

Frying Pan Faith

You have that paper to write for English and the algebra test to study for.  Meanwhile, your best friends is mad at you, your parents are upset that you haven't done your chores and when are you ever going to learn your lines for the Christmas youth play?
   If only life were simple again.  If only you could go back to the way things were before all this life stuff happened to you.
   Ever feel like that?  Well, multiply that feeling by about a hundred and you can identify with the Israelites in the desert wilderness.

Exodus 16:1-3
Then they left Elim and journeyed into the Sin Desert between Elim and Mount Sinai.  They arrived there a month after leaving Egypt.  There, too, the whole community of Israel spoke bitterly against Moses and Aaron.  "Oh, that we were back in Egypt." they moaned.  "It would have been better if the Lord had killed us there!  At least there we had plenty to eat.  But now you have brought us into this desert to starve us to death."

   For more than 400 years, the Israelites lived a horrible life in Egypt.  They were slaves.  They worked hard under awful conditions an received very little for their labors.  But, with Moses as their leader, Go had miraculously rescued them from Egypt.  Now he was leading them back to their own land.
   Just one month after leaving Egypt, the Israelites found themselves in the middle of the Desert of Sin--a huge, barren, mean land.  They had jumped out of the frying pan of Egypt.  But had they jumped right into the fire of the wilderness?  They were surrounded by danger, uncertainty, and fear.  And they were hungry.
   Had they taken the time to listen, the people would have heard God calling them.  In that barren land, God urged his children to depend solely on him.  Yes, they would encounter testing.  But God wanted these trials to lead his stubborn people to depend on him.    They had to realize that the only certainty of their lives was God's provision.
   Instead, they complained.  They attacked their leaders Moses and Aaron.  And they yearned for the past.  Sure, they were under tremendous stress, and complaining is a natural reaction to tough circumstances.  Unfortunately, their untrusting  attitude steered them into even worse problems.
   Like the Israelites, you know how it feels to be stressed out sometimes.  How will you respond the next time you feel overwhelmed by all your responsibilities?  If you need to vent, talk to a friend or trusted adult, as well as to God.  But don't just complain.  Learn to trust your Provider every step of the way.


  • Remember to pray and talk to God about it
  • Learn how to respectfully talk to God about my troubles and not focus on my wants and worries

Friday, November 12, 2010

Time flies when you're busyfied... (Eat some Turkish Delight)

It has once again been a while since I updated my blog! Four days went so fast!  I am not going to attempt to fill you in.  I honestly don't remember enough of it. But you can hear about today right? :)

Today I had a dentist appointment at 11:10am.  I woke up and re-straightened my hair and arrived on time/early.  I had brought my notebook and got a good half a page to a page and a half written of my story.  The appointment went well.  The usual you your teeth look great remember to floss spiel. 
   On the way home I stopped by the grocery store and got two cans of spaghetti-os.  One for today and one for some other time.  I ate the princess spaghetti-os and continues writing my story. 
   I find it rather hard right now actually.  It is a part in the story where I feel like my main character as I am writing it.  I don't want to reveal how that is since it would reveal a large-ish part of the story but my character is in a lot of emotional pain.  I am now totalling seven and a half handwritten pages.  Yay!
   I had a chiropractor appointment at 2pm and it went well.  I think I fell asleep on the roller/massage table.  I go back in three weeks.
   I went home and after grabbing my illustrator folder drove to school.  I headed upstairs and noticed that the computer lab closes at 4:30pm on Fridays.  That means I only had one hour to finish my Gradient Mesh Dahlia!.  I hurried and got myself settled in and worked on it for the entire hour.  I looked at the clock about ten minutes till closing time and really had to hurry.  I didn't know if I was going to be able to finish it before they closed the lab!  Thankfully I finished just in time.  I was the last one to leave.  I went home and said hello to my Mom.  It was the first time seeing her today but she was on the phone so I went into my room and got on my laptop. 
   I am watching a Thai drama.  It seems very different than the Korean dramas I had been watching before.  Don't worry!  It doesn't break my Kpop ban.  I'm not even addicted to it!  It is just something to sit and watch that is interesting. 
   Dad came home and my parents were surprised to find out that I don't work tonight.  Normally I work Thurs-Sat nights but they didn't schedule me for Friday this time.  It is a nice break to not have to worry about it.  We went to dinner at OCB.  It was very good.  After that we went to Tj-Max and my parents got caramel flavoring for coffee and I got Turkish Delight!!!!  I have always wanted to try the real kind. I had had chocolate covered rose flavored chocolate delight before but not the powdered sugar covered kind.  I got the bag of assorted.  It was hard to decide though. They had different kinds.  Raspberry, citrus, pistachio!
   We headed home and I tried the stuff.  I think I have a new favorite candy.  It is soooooooooo good!  Yum.... It is sad it is kind of spendy though.  4 bucks for a 10.5 oz bag. Mmmm yum.
   I am going to be going to visit St. again!  She has a concert tonight so I will leave once it is done.  I plan to bring blankets, (for a fort), Turkish delight, (for obvious reasons), and Narnia (prince caspian).  I might bring some other stuff too.  I am super excited. 
   While I wait I shall talk to Bob on chat, watch my Thai drama, and try not to eat the entire bag of Turkish Delight. :)

I hope I can update you again tomorrow interwebz!

-Melina Rose (Pevensie) :)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

When you drive by old men on motor scooters walking weiner dogs

Woke up. Went to school. Worked on homework and went to class. Came home. Ate food. Went back to school. Worked on Gradient Mesh for 3 hours straight. Went home. Picked up Chrissy and Bree. Went to the mall. Got Bubble tea. Took Pictures. Sat in the White hall with the couches and shiny crystals. Dropped off  Chrissy and Bree. Went home. Heated up fajitas. Ate while watching various Tv shows. Finished blog post. Went to bed?

Yes, in case you were wondering I did see an elderly man driving his motor scooter in the grass by the side of the road behind his dachshund.
My reaction? "That is adorable!"

I said I was going to bed at 1am and it is now 1:36am
Time to sleep interwebz

-Melina Rose

Monday, November 8, 2010

I'm still alive just letting you know...

So..... I know I haven't posted in four days and that the posts before that were rather short but I think I should be able to fill you in today.  I will only be telling you about the past three days though because yes, I have already forgotten what happened before that. So here you go friends :)


I got up around 10am and showered and got ready for the day.  After that I got in my truck and drove to have lunch with my Dad.  It was a buffet and it had a lot of good food.  There was terriaki chicken, good bread, salad, pasta salad, lots and lots of good stuff.  I had one square of green jello and a little bit of fruit cocktail and marshmallow salad for dessert.  Dad had had to leave for school so I was finishing up alone.  I called Lysa and talked for a bit while finishing up my food and then headed out.  I went straight to school and worked on homework and then came home.  I got ready for work and arrived on time.  Work was really hard.  It was good.  But hard.  I worked with my friend Tortuga and we had a surprise sleepover after work.  It turns out that she lives just a couple blocks away from me!  Who knew!  We went to her house to grab her some pjs and then went to my house and watched Finding Nemo.  I started falling asleep towards the end so as soon as it ended we both went to bed.

   Tortuga and I both woke up and went downstairs for breakfast.  Dad had made eggs and cinnamon rolls.  Sooooo good.  It was great. Her and I talked for a while and then went back upstairs to get dressed and ready for the day.  I was still trying to figure out Lysas Christmas present so Tortuga and I headed to Goodwill first.
    I found a book and bought it even though I really shouldn't be spending money.  It is funny the kind of looks you get from cashiers when you buy a baby name book.   Miss cashier, I am not pregnant or expecting a child.  I am writing a story and like to have fun with my characters names. After Goodwill we went to the dollar store.
   Tortuga desperately wanted a book there that was a dollar but i convinced her to come back.  I want to buy it for her for Christmas....
   After that we went to Savers.  We didn't find anything there so we moved on to Jo-Ann's.
   I found a great sweatshirt but it was priced at 17 dollars.  I don't really have to much money and I am trying to save it as well.  I decided today to do other things for her present.
   Tortuga and I were both very thirsty so we stopped by our work for something to drink.  Now, most people at work make fun of Tortuga; and while I don't participate in putting her down, I tend to just not get involved in the conversation.  I had a choice to make.  If we showed up together at work it would be final.  People would know that we are indeed friends.  This is a very recent happening so it isn't like I was hiding it or denying it.  People just didn't know yet.  By choosing to be her friend I am choosing to do what I feel is good to do but also by choosing that I am choosing for the people at my work place to think of me differently.  Tortuga didn't work that night but I did.  I knew that one girl in particular would probably comment so I just didn't worry about it and decided that I will be friends with who I want to be friends with even if people don't especially like it.  Tortuga is not bad influence on me.  It isn't that kind of situation that I would say I will be friends with who I want in a rebellious way.  It is more a conscious decision to go against what is expected of me and choose the opposite.
   Her and I both went back to my house and started watching Flushed Away while drinking our cold drinks.  We had to cut it just short of the end of the movie because I needed to go to work.  I worked at 4pm.
   After dropping Tortuga off at her house, I went to work.  I arrived a bit earlier that usual and got ready.  I talked to my "Mom" and then clocked in.  Sure enough within the first few minutes of work the girl I knew would comment said something.  It wasn't anything terrible but I know that this girl really doesn't like Tortuga and Tortuga knows it too.  All she said was "I didn't know you were friends with Tortuga." and I said yep I am.  It was a pretty interesting situation.  No one else commented but they were definitely all looking at me to see how I would respond.
   Tortuga is my only work friend I have hung out with outside of work and I enjoy it a lot.  We have similar interests and similar friends.  I am keeping her. :P
Work was ok but I felt absolutely terrible.  Even after I took my break I felt weak, tired and a little dizzy.  I made sure to keep drinking water but it didn't seem to help this time.  I think I may be getting sick.  This is not allowed.  I have no time to be sick.

I woke up and got ready for church.  We got there an hour early because my parents forgot daylight savings.  We decided to go get coffee so after we stopped at home for Mom's Starbucks card we arrived.  I got a medium caramel machiatofrapachino.  After drinking most of our coffee we went to church.  I started out sitting with my parents but went and sat with Christal once she arrived.  Worship was good.
   After the service ended I went outside and ended up playing with Miguel and some other people.  Another girl and I were told to be princesses by her younger sister.  We went up into the play set "tower" and the little sister said "Rapunzel Rapunzel let down your hair."  The older sister leaned her head over the edge and said "It's to short!".  The little sister matter of factly said "then I will just use the ladder!" and came right up.  I don't know why that stuck me but I just thought it was fun. I was in the process of fleeing bad guys when I was called to leave with my parents.
   I said goodbye and ran after my parents in bare feet not forgetting my four inch heels by the playground.  We headed home and I promptly took a shower.  I got on the computer to check if people were online and was called down to put the toppings on my mini pizza.  It was a honey-wheat pita with olive oil and cheese and oregano and garlic.  We didn't have to many pepperoni but there were three on mine.  I went back upstairs while they were baking and did some more stuff online.  I think I was mostly just watching YouTube videos.  Coming back downstairs, I ate my pizza and went right back up.  I continued watching videos and wasn't feeling good.  I fell asleep in the middle of watching them and so I put my computer away and took a nap.  Mom woke me up and I called Lysa.  We talked about saving for a concert next year and then I got back online after calling the Historical Society.  I watched more videos and did random things with my e-mail, talking to people, and I started on this blog post.  This one is taking a loooong time.  After a bit I went downstairs and made a box of stove top stuffing.  I ate almost the entire thing while talking to my awesome cousin, Lysa, and St.. I watched a Sherlock Holmes TV series with my Dad while talking and doing homework.  I don't exactly remember to much after that which i pretty sad since it was just yesterday.

Monday (so far)
I have been blogging and working on my proofreading homework while talking to people. I added Bob to my conversation pile and she went to bed a while ago. Grandma popped up on chat and I linked her here so that she can read my posts. (a little scary since now she will be able to see everything that I put on here I don't tell everyone)   I called her and talked her through how to work it and then got back to working on homework.  I finished my assignment I was working on and am now going to bed. Bed! It is 3am and I desperately need sleep and was going to go to bed much earlier but I figured I was getting homework done and I needed to update my blog since I hadn't in a while.

I wish you a very good night interwebz

-Melina Rose

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Just today...*headkeyboard*

Well I shall update you on today so far because I have a feeling that after work tonight I won't have much energy or desire to.

Once I was at school for my AEP class I worked on my pocket calendar for an hour and forty five minutes.  I went home around ten to get something to eat.  I reheated some cheeseburger casserole and drank some apple cider.  Grabbing a honey-wheat pita bread and a banana I went back to school.  I got back to school around eleven and then got back to work on my calendar.  I decided to take a "break" at one after realizing that I had been working on this project for almost four hours.  Moving on to my Gradient Mesh flower I worked on that until my AT class at two.  Working on that was about half an hours time.  I am now in my AT class and should be doing homework.  Class ends at four and I work at five.  I won't have much time to get ready at all. 

Take a deep breath interwebz
I know I need one...

-Melina Rose

Ohio gozimas!

   I know I didn't post yesterday and I'm not sure I did the day before either but hopefully later today I will have some time to update you.  I have been kind of busy and normally I update my blog before I go to bed.  My body pretty much forcibly made me go to bed at 1am this morning.  I needed the sleep since the last two nights I had gone to bed past 2 in the morning.  I guess that is why I was actually able to get myself out of bed by 7am this morning.
   I got dressed and went downstairs for some coffee.  It was still dark outside so I figured there was probably frost on my truck.  When I went outside there wasn't any frost so that gave me extra time.  I went back inside and drank my coffee while doing my devotional.  I left for school and found my lost earring in the grass beside my truck.  I was very happy.
   I am at school now and class starts soon so I am going to go and work on homework.

I hope I am not to busy later interwebz

-Melina Rose

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

So I guess it is November

Yesterday was Halloween and today is November.  Time flies!  My semester is almost over! (scary)


   As I told you before I had plans with St. to go to the arboretum all dressed up.  She was on her way to my house when she called me in tears because her parents had changed their mind and she could do it anymore.  I was very sad but St. was crying and it made me really kind of upset at her parents.  But.... you have to listen to your parents so there was nothing we could do.
   After a little bit of awkward conversation we hung up.  I was really really sad because not only did I not get to hang out with St. for our fun plans but it kind of pokes my hurt feelings from not being invited to hang out with DLBF. 
   I ended up staying home with my parents.  We once again had absolutely no tricker treaters.  Mom and I started out with a mini Pride and Prejudice marathon and Dad joined us for the newest version.  After that we rented How to Train Your Dragon.  I loved the movie.  Dad had ordered pizza and made homemade hot cocoa too.  It was a lot of fun.
Somehow I still ended up feeling sad at then end of the night though.

Monday (what is now yesterday)
I went to my 10am class (AP)  and we critiqued our magazine covers and worked on our project in the book. After class was done I went home to eat.  I took a nap and ate lunch.  I did my devotional and took care of some stuff on the computer.  After a bit I went back to school and tried to get a lot done on my gradient mesh dahlia.  The lab closed at 6:30pm so i left at 6:20.  I got home and got on the computer and talked to Lysa, Bob and browsed youtube and facebook. 
  I was watching a video from one of my subscriptions that has nothing to do with kpop but has this asian guy who does funny skits and stuff.  He did a collab with two other guys and I went to one of their channels.  After watching all of his videos in which he sang and danced I somehow found out that he used to be in 2PM.  2PM consequently is a Kpop band.  I swear it is following me ever since I decided to take a break from it.  Once I found out that the guy had to do with Kpop I couldn't watch his stuff anymore since it related to Kpop.  It is really sad.  I will have  to wait until Christmas.
   Christmas is coming soon!  It is already November!  Time flies!
   Well.....I am going to end this post.  I need to go to bed soon since I have class at 8 and it is a little after 1pm.  I am watching Chobits until I go to sleep.

Oyasume na si interwebz!

-Melina Rose