Monday, September 5, 2011

Work Day

Happy Labor Day!

This is going to be a quick post but here it is. :)

Today I got up, caught up on the various websites I follow, and then got down to productivity.
I started cleaning my room. Now, you might think, "Oh cleaning your room! no biggie.". Not quite. By cleaning my room, I mean unpacking everything and organizing everything. I have my three paper bags marked Keep, Donate, and Trash. I moved my dresser out of my closet and into my room so that I will actually use it, and I did a load of laundry. My room currently is still a mess because it always works that way when I try to organize it. I've gotten rid of at least two bags of clothes and have one bag of trash. I feel accomplished. I leave for my seven hour shift at work in fifteen minutes and then when I get home I will be working on my room more and studying for my Japanese test that is tomorrow.
Random fact: Yesterday I organized all of my worship music.
Woo! *takes a breath* So yeah! I should grab something to eat and then head!

Have a wonderful Labor Day interwebz

-Melina Rose

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