Friday, July 1, 2011



Okay so that was a fail acronym thingy but....mmm. I want a hug. I got one from Sephre earlier but man, I'm just kind of bumming right now...

Hugzzzzzz. Wanttttt.

Ugh. I just....I just really want to be in Minnesota right now. I need to support my friend and I feel so helpless. I'm going to see her for just a little bit this Tuesday before I fly out to California but....ugh. This coming week is going to be really hard. I'm already emotionally exaughsted and I haven't even hugged one of  my best friends who's dad just died or been to visit my grandpa who is dying soon.

Death. I seriously hate you. With a burning passion.

All I can feel is sad though. I can't even be mad...


-Melina Rose


  1. *BIG HUG* sorry about what you're going through, hon. I hope it gets better.

  2. :) Thanks dear <3 My emotions/mood has improved greatly. I have had a wonderful past few days. I'll have to write a post soon. :) Back to MN later today! (since technically it is morning)