Sunday, July 17, 2011

Long time no see

Terribly sorry it has been so long. I plan to keep up better as of now.

I've mostly working but I also took a trip to California to visit my Grandparents. I've had a lot on my mind lately. A bit to much to put here.
Oh! My birthday! Haha I almost forgot about it which doesn't happen to often. I worked, got off early, went on a walk by myself in a new dress I got, caught fireflies, named them, danced around in the dark yard like a dork, and replied to the posts on my wall. That's about it. It was a good birthday :)

Today I slept until 4pm. My body just needed the sleep I guess. I didn't go to bed late or anything.... When I got up I started a load of laundry, did a little cleaning, took a shower, wrote a bit, talked to a few friends on facebook, and texted my Daddy. My Aunt came home and I caught up with her a bit, brought some of my laundry up from the basement, and lazed around on the computer while eating dinner. I'm still doing that actually... *shrugs*
It's in the 90s outside so I don't really feel like going for a walk. (Even though I do feel like going for a walk.) You know what I mean.
I just remembered that I wrote a post on the plane to California... (I tried to sleep on the way home.)
I think I will find that notebook and post it.

Once again sorry for my absence interwebz

-Melina Rose