Friday, April 27, 2012

Making my life begin

Hello bloggers,
So lately I've had quite a few thoughts rolling around in my head. Along with the stress of being sick and getting behind in school and not being able to work two of my work shifts, I've been wondering what I'm going to do with my life. So I talked with my mom this morning kind of expressing my frustrations and such and she directed me back to my beloved task of making lists.
Here is a list of general goals.
  • Research becoming a Sushi Chef to see if I really want to do it
    • Classes
      • Where
      • How much
      • When
      • How long
    •  How much does being a sushi chef pay?
    •  Where would I work?
    • What kind of hours does a sushi chef work and would I be able to do that?
      • What would I have to give up to be a sushi chef?
      • What would I give up to be a sushi chef?
  • Apply for every stinking coffee shop and restaurant around here to try to get some kind of response
  • Go to bed at midnight and don't touch my computer midnight and after
  • Get caught up on schoolwork
  • Eat three meals a day (preferably healthy)
These probably seem incredibly basic and pathetic that I have some of these on here but, you know what, this is my life. Get over it. I'm sure trying to...
So a general overview of my goals? Pull my life together so I can do something with it, preferably starting before the internship this summer.

What do you think interwebz?
-Melina Rose

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