Monday, April 30, 2012

Time flies like an oiled windmill turns

Hello lovelies,
I just realized how soon school ends. Woo! I also realized just how much I have to get done in that small amount of time! Yikes!

I have a lesson of Japanese homework to do before this Friday. (it takes a while) I also have a few other various worksheets to do by then. My final is next week on Monday and I have to do the studyguide for that!

My Bible class ends in two weeks and I don't even want to think how much I have to get done for that class. Super stressful that one is, especiallly when I really want to make a good impression but am failing miserably at getting my journaling done. I have two entries and we were supposed to have 14 last week.....

Anyway, I leave for class in ten minutes so I'll talk to you later interwebz,
-Melina Rose

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