Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I told you it would be a good day.

Hello interwebz,
It's been a bit I suppose since I last posted here. I don't have anything terribly insightful to say but I shall fill you in on my day.
I woke up around ten or so and made my brain wake up via facebook news-feed stalking on my phone. I then made myself presentable to society and went to the chiropractor. I don't know how my chiropractor does it but he always gets me to talk about everything...and by everything I mean school and work and stuff. *shifty eyes* Anyhoo, I really needed to be cracked and put back in order and such (as far as chiropractory things go) so it was very good.
I then went back home and became suddenly very lazy despite the beautiful day outside. I pinned and read shtuff and drank the cheap coffee I had picked up on the way home.
Mom came home and was wiped out but still managed to sit down on the chair in my room and demand that I tell her everything about my day. lol I love her. I hadn't eaten anything so she suggested a tuna sandwich or salad. I checked but we didn't have any... I grabbed an apple and almond butter instead. Grabbing Bob's sweatshirt I had borrowed a few days ago, I quick went over to her house, gave her and her younger sister greetings and cake and then drove to church where evidently the sound had gone out and was in the process of being fixed. After the band practiced, Cheese, Bree and I went out to the truck and grabbed cake.
It was shared and rejected politely  and shared some more and then we were called in. The word was on worship and it was good. Maybe I'll put my notes up.
Worship was awesome. Like.....super awesome. I hear it reached 110 decibels. That would explain why I am only now regaining hearing in my left ear. I also temporarily lost my voice. It was awesome.
I then shared asian veggie crackers with Bree, WnN, Caveman, and Garlic Press. Justice, Miguel and his mom also tried said crackers. They are like a cracker form of V8 juice.
Then people went to Old Chicago. I never knew they had decently priced (cheap) food there. It's yummy. I had a great time with the people there despite being very tired. Of course once I get home I'm awake again. It always seems to happen that way. I don't blame the coffee for making me awake at all.
Um yup.

So today was a good day. I said it would be last night and I was right. :)


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