Sunday, June 3, 2012

Angels Must Smile

Today has been a kind of off day from the beginning. I'm not saying anything was wrong; not at all. I was just really tired all day and I guess kind of negative without even truly realizing it.
I had stayed over at Sheep's house last night after Toucan's going away party. We stayed up pretty late and felt terrible when we ordered pizza delivery 10 minutes before Domino's closed. We gave a good tip but the guy looked more tired than anything. After the pizza had been consumed, the rest of the people who weren't staying over left and Sheep and I went upstairs to sleep. We ended up talking until we did in fact actually fall asleep. It was a good bit past 2am at that point.
I got up around 9am to drive back home. Dad made us both ground beef and cheese omelets and toast. We watched two Dr. Who episodes while eating to catch me up to where they were. After finishing, Dad and I hopped in the car and drove to the farm where we get our milk and cheese from. I was super sleepy but JungleJam kept me awake with the fun songs sung by talking animals. Oh childhood, wherefore art thou oh childhood. :P Anyway,  we got to the farm and purchased the milk and cheese. We went over to visit the bunnies since my parents had seen them last time but I hadn't. There are three there at the farm. A boy bunny who has floppy ears and brown and grey fur. He was the least shy. Beneath him in another cage was a dark grey and white bunny with dark floppy ears. She seemed to appreciate the petting I gave her but still was a little jumpy. She reminded me of my rabbit which made me a little sad. The bunny beneath her was a light brown and white, also with floppy ears. She was the most shy of the three.
We left after telling some of the people there that we took the last of the milk in the fridge. I ate a bit of "Munster with green olives" cheese and then slipped into sleep pretty quickly. We arrived home and I went downstairs to get a massage. (We are very blessed with our own massage bed.) I half stumbled upstairs and climbed into my bed to pass out. Mom woke me up telling me Dad had made food. :) He's pretty awesome. (so is she) I ate a garlic/hamburger toast pizza and then rode my bike for around 25 minutes. I don't know how I managed it but it was uphill and into the wind both ways...funny. I felt gross when I got back so I quick cleaned up and then hurried off to work.
Work was fine for the most part. There were a few things that bothered me that weren't that huge of a deal looking back at them now. All I wanted was to go to bed. Going on break helped a bit. Food always seems to help. I had coffee with break as well. I pushed away my self consciousness enough to text a close friend to ask for a bit of prayer. I'm glad I did.
Work went better after that for the most part. I realized I was shaking though and procured permission to purchase sustenance :P Aka...I bought cheese-curds. I stopped shaking after eating the majority of them. I still got my work done during that time as well.
I got off pretty fast I suppose. There were a lot of people there to take care of things tonight. I came home and have been talking/texting and writing this post as well as looking at various things and listening to spotify. I'm going to sleep now though interwebz. It is much too late for me to be awake. (3:09am)
Should be interesting trying to fundraise all my money for the MS150 tomorrow being half asleep. I can't say I wasn't warned. Dad did encourage/tell me to go to sleep when he did.
I will need coffee...

Okay interwebz, goodnight.
-Melina Rose

P.S. I shall explain the title here when I edit it in later.I'm about to fall asleep now.

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