Monday, June 4, 2012


Last night I stayed over at Bob's house. We watched Say Yes to the Dress and Honey 2 before heading out to the camper to sleep. Her camper is right next to her house blocked in by the cars. It turns out that during the night someone came and walked/jumped on their oldest car and smashed it's windshield. The top of the car was also dented quite a bit and there was a distinct trail of footprints on the car itself.  That car was about a yard away from where I was sleeping. In a cloth enclosure. Asleep. While someone was doing this.
A tad creepy when you think about it.
Anyway, I hung out with her a little bit more while her mom and sister talked to the police and then went home when she left for work. Mom and I watched My Fair Wedding while we ate lunch. We've loved watching that show ever since we found out about it a year or two ago. I had an apple with almond butter while she had a toast pizza and soup. I suppose I should eat more since I didn't have breakfast either.
She's gone upstairs and I'll go up as well soon I suppose. The cleaning must happen again.

I'll see ya later interwebz
-Melina Rose

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