Friday, January 3, 2014

Making me new

So it's a new year. Hello 2014.

    I've been through a lot this past year and I've become a different person through all of it. I've grown through brokenness and lost sight of other things. I've lost people that I thought I would have forever but see them every week. I gained an identity that, admittedly I still falter in confidence of but I am better than I have ever been, even when a day's a struggle. People, pressure, and pet peeves all get to me but under all of that I have a wardrobe in a room that if I go through it, I end up in Narnia.
    I crawl out of the back of my stress (and the stress of the people around me) and breath the fresh air of things I now know. I am a princess, the child of a King. I am loved and never forgotten and somehow, just somehow, worthy of the love I receive. Other people may see a princess differently but I have come to know that they are not helpless or pathetic, stupid or useless. They have a powerful purpose. I might not know exactly what it is but sometimes I can bring other people to my Narnia. I hope they can see that they're royalty too, that they have worth and influence. We all have responsibilities but at least they are being used for something...even if we don't know exactly what that is.

I hope to write more this year interwebz.
Talk to you soon

-Melina Rose

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