Sunday, January 26, 2014

Today (an update in list form)

Watched: "The Lakehouse" with my Dad
Ate for Dinner: Chicken Pesto microwave dinner
Drank: Forgot that Starbucks refreshers have caffiene so I drank two....and a shot of esspresso.
Working on: Generally? Getting my room to the way I want it
Texted: New nerd friend, Kenda, Jor and Sheep
Worked: 6 hours with a half hour break for dinner.
Nightmare last night: Yes. 
     Mari, Cheese and Mari's siblings were in it. Something about us trying to escape a hostile takeover involving poison gasses and explosions. We tried hiding in something like a train box-car off wheels with half of it solid wall and half bars.
Weather: Wind advisory was right on. Blizzard conditions because of blowing snow.
Told my parents I love them: Yes. At least 5 times.

Goodnight interwebz,
   Melina Rose


  1. You should post again when you get the chance! :)

  2. Hey, you! Since you haven't posted in a while I'm going to stop following for now, but if you post again please tell me and I'll get back to following ya :)