Friday, November 4, 2011


Hello there!

I'm here at school and just got out of my Public Speaking class not to long ago. I managed to check my school email finally and got an A on my Persuasive Speeche outline! Yay.
I work tonight...meh. I need the money but I really don't feel like dealing with the immature people there today. I need to get a new job soon.
I don't know if I told you, but I applied at Target and was going to have an interview even but found out that it would be a fairly large paycut so I had to decline. Unfortune, since I was excited about the opportunity. I need to apply at more places and work on that. I think that it would be good to organize myself a bit better first though.
I need to get more sleep regularly and eat regularly and keep my room clean and do my homework ahead of time and and......yeah.

I had a Rockstar energy drink this morning. I'm still tired. Mmm.

I should do my homework. I did a journal for New Testament this morning but this is what I should to do still before work.

  • 4 NT journals
  • 3 pages of NT study guide questons
  • Memorize two memory verses
  • Edit Persuasive Speech
  • Organize visual aid for Persuasive Speech
  • Eat lunch
  • Eat.....more.
  • Nap? Psh. Wishful thinking that one is.
  • ................The fall colors are really pretty ......
  • Ooooo shinyyyyyyy
Okay interwebz, I should be productive.

-Melina Rose

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