Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I literally told my friend I hope I have a disorder because I don't want to be this stupid

I know, I know, I'm not "stupid" but I sure feel like it.
I managed to watch TV for an hour and a half last night before staying up until 4:30am. My subconscious has also instructed me that I will not be attending any of my 8am classes this week. I have my first essay of the semester due in my incredibly intense Composition class at 1pm so I am working on cranking out a new draft of a hopefully impressive essay to turn in.

1 Cup of coffee? check
1 ipod with upbeat encouraging music? check
6 drafts of said essay scattered around me? check
4 pencils 2 highlighters and 1 pen? check
Determination? check
Progress? check
Finished essay ready to turn in?   ____

Lets get that last one interwebz

-Melina Rose


  1. I did finish it in time and I thought I did well on it. It hasn't been graded yet though so i guess I will find out later :)