Wednesday, March 16, 2011

When people don't feel like driving on roads...

This happened last week on I think Friday night after work.  Tortuga and I were sitting in the MacDonald's parking lot after going through the drive through. We had a good view of it and as we were munching, we saw two dumb things. One was much more relevant than the other but I will get to that. There are two lanes in this drive through. Both were working. A car pulled into one lane, backed up and went into the other to order. The one that I truly wanted to tell you about was this. A white SUV pulled through the drive-through and then decided he didn't want it anymore. Instead of using the road, he decided to drive over the median/divider that is currently covered in at least two feet of snow. He got stuck. We laughed. As his back tires were spinning and we were dying of laughter, we had the idea to help him. We drove over and rolled down the window to ask him if he needed any help.

"Do you need any help?"
"Uh...Do you have a tow rope?"
"Do you have a shovel?"
"Well I have a tow rope. Would you pull me out?"

I proceeded to pull my truck around so the back was towards the front of his vehicle. He hooked up the rope to the grate  of his SUV and told us to go slowly. I really didn't want to rip the grate off of his truck so, after he got back in his car, I eased the gas down. That road happened to be pure ice so I ended up going nowhere. He got out and came over to my window.

"It isn't working."
"Maybe I could get in your car and you could drive mine."
"Uh...No. Sorry."
"Ok well let's try again and this time give it a good tug."

Meanwhile the drive through has filled up and this guy is getting stared at like crazy. He got  back in his car and after spinning my tires on the ice a few times, I backed up and gave it a real good tug, praying to God that it wouldn't take off his grill. We managed to pull him out and he sheepishly came back over to my window.

"So, what do I owe ya?"
"Nothing. Just drive on roads."
*laughs* "Yeah, I was being a dumb@__ and thought I could make it."
"Not without four wheel drive." *laughs*
"Yeah, well thanks."

We pulled into a different parking lot and after a bit saw him drive by. I hit the horn lightly and he pulled in next to us. He told us thanks again and that he couldn't believe that he was pulled out by two girls. He then informed us that he had gone back and driven over it again just to make sure that he could.
Dumb...... lol

So in the end we saved a guy named Gary, a call to a tow truck, and a lot of explaining.

Drive on roads interwebz. Ok?

-Melina Rose


  1. so he said he drove over it AGAIN just to make sure he could do it? wow lol

  2. hahaha, WOW...really dumb people. what time of the morning was this? i have a feeling this dude wasn't sane... :p

  3. haha......yeah. The guy was dumb. We don't think he was drunk though. It was around 1am. Not to bad. *shrugs*