Saturday, April 30, 2011



I woke up at 6:30am and laid in bed taking care of my emails on my phone. I finally got up and washed my face, got dressed, did my makeup, all that good stuff. I gathered my stuff to bring to school and then went downstairs to find something to eat. I had about a quarter of a bowl of Kix and half a cup of coffee. Off to school I went, picking my soundtrack carefully to keep my attitude positive.

I arrived at school and changed to listening to the music on my earbuds instead of the stereo. No one was in the classroom yet when I came in so my usual place was more than open. I don't think anyone would be sitting there anyway. We are creatures of habit. I sat down and logged in, plugged in my two full jump-drives and got straight to work. My teacher came in eventually and I showed her what I had laid out for my  portfolio so far. She said it looked good and keep working. Class started at eight in the morning. I stayed in that classroom working on my portfolio for a few hours. I then ran (literally was speed walking) to the other end of the building to ask some questions about printing. Speed walked back and worked on changing things.
I had made a lot of progress when a strobe went off in the classroom. The siren soon followed and a voice was heard telling us to evacuate the building. I quickly dragged all of my work onto my jump-drive and a back up folder. I grabbed almost all of my stuff and stuffed it into my backpack, heading out of the building into the parking lot with the steady flow of students. It was sunny and I breathed in the fresh air as I went with a classmate to her car. I was majorly starting to freak out. What if the fire was real and it wasn't a drill? What if the computer that all of my work was on melted? There is no way that I can re-create all of that in two days. This can't be a real fire because I can't totally botch my portfolio! If this is just a drill that is so annoying. I don't have time for this! I was close to tears when they told us we could go back inside. Psh. Small heart attack no biggie. -_-
Anyway, I kept working on my portfolio. I finally unplugged the jump-drive I had bought at the bookstore and speed walked back to the graphic resource center where I print. We managed to print two whole pages of my portfolio. Out of 20. *sigh* I had to go home at 3. I went upstairs and turned on my computer, looked for my Personal Finance book to take my quiz. I couldn't find it so I just filled in random answers since it is hard enough to do with the book let alone without it. Overall I'm getting one percent short of a B. (I failed that quiz miserably.) I really need to find that book soon. After that I just kind of sat for a few minutes staring into space.
The only break I had taken in my seven hours of school-work was the fire drill. I had eaten the Kix from this morning and half of a Luna bar. A cup of coffee too but that was it. That plus the running from one end of the building to the other and the incredibly amount of stress had left me shaking. You wouldn't be able to tell looking at me or anything but I had failed to take care of myself really. I just didn't have enough time...
I ate the other half of the bar and took a half-shower. Grabbing a hunk of cheese, I got back into my truck and headed off to work.
Work was rough but not the worst it has been. I could have sworn that it was almost all new people working tonight though. My break food saved me. Amazingly enough we were done before 11pm (which is when we close) and so I was out of there by a decent time. I then came home and climbed into bed to check facebook and write this post.

Now I sleep interwebz

-Melina Rose


  1. I'm suprised that you could stand writing this post after such a long day! If it were me I would probably have just pushed it aside to sleep instead, haha

    Stay strong!

  2. I like updating my blog :) It was my one "fun" thing for the day. lol

    Thanks dear! I will try to catch up on your posts after portfolio. :)