Monday, April 4, 2011

Not quite lonely...but kinda.

I'm back from lunch :)
I'm working on a short story for school. I figured out the main characters names. Yes, this is an important part for me. My characters names always have meaning. I guess it is one of my quirks but I really enjoy naming the characters in my story. I have two baby name books just for that purpose and I will always remember the look that cashier gave me when I bought my latest one. Hahaha.
Anyway.... I feel kind of lonely. I'm not sure why but *shrugs* that is how it is. None of my friends are online. I mean, yes, I need to be doing my homework but I miss me friends. I need to get caught up so I can visit Bob in New York. I miss you Bob!!
Well, I'm gonna ignore this feeling and work on school. Dwelling on it won't accomplish anything. Getting my homework done will.

Until later interwebz

-Melina Rose


  1. That's funny that you have baby-name books just for the sake of naming characters in your stories. :)

  2. Finding names for characters is SO HARD! That's the part I like the least about writing. To me the names in books always fit but mine seldom do. That being said the main character of my NaNoWriMo novel is names Rylynn just because i love that name. It looks and sounds awesome.

  3. ahley- haha yeah. I think the cashier thought I was pregnant or something when I bought the book. Pretty funny.

    JW- Well hello! Yeah names are hard for characters. I have never heard of the name Rylynn before now but I like it! Tis super cool :P