Monday, April 4, 2011

Eh...just a quick update

    Last night I had my bi-weekly exercise. lol Rollerskating is quite the work out for the unfit. I only fell four times but three of the four were quite embarrassing. The last fall was the most painful and I still hurt today. I have bruises on both of my knees and my back and shoulders are killing me! It's worth it. :P
    After skating last night I went over to Tortugas house and we watched an episode of CSI while I recharged a bit. I then went home and made myself get to sleep by 1am.
    I woke up early enough to get to class on time and it went well. It is extremely windy outside. I came home and made myself breakfast around 9:30am. I then proceeded to go upstairs and plant myself in my bed with my laptop to get stuff done. I have added some info to my resume data and I am thinking that I should eat lunch right about now since it is 12:47pm.

I might post again later today interwebz

-Melina Rose  

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