Sunday, June 5, 2011

Shhhh I'm not awake

So I really should go to bed and sleep and such but I can't seem to feel sleepy. I leave for Wisconsin again at 8am and am scheduled to arrive at 11:11am! I like that arrival time :) I will have to fill you in on what I have been doing this weekend when I get back. I have more "free-time" there than I do here in Minnesota. It is really hard to try to see everyone in such a short amount of time! Here is the quick run down. I'll add more details later...

Wedding rehearsal
Went to bed around 12? *can't remember*

Got coffee with Bree and Christal
Watched From Prada to Nada  with my mom
Wedding reception
Stayed up late talking

Got up around 10am
Switched out cars
Picked up Mnonaa
Met up with Bree
Went and did Christals hair for prom
Went back to Bree's house and waited for people to show up
Went to an awesome park and hung out
Went to Chipotle where Mnonaa treated me :)
Said goodbye to Tallkid and then dropped off Bree
Drove Mnonaa home
Went home
Ate pie with family while watching Fair Game
Watched the end of my cousin winning a competition on tv
Went to Bob's house and hung out
Came home and sat on the deck with coffee looking at the stars and listening to the night sounds
Came inside and brought some of my stuff upstairs
Talked to Sephre and Tortuga online
Partially packed cool dresses to bring back to Wisconsin for photoshoot(s)

Should be asleep since it is 3:17 in the morning.....

Forcing myself to sleep though I'm not sleepy interwebz

-Melina Rose


  1. Hope that you've gotten some sleep by now! :) Also, sorry I haven't emailed you yet. I haven't gotten a chance on a home computer yet!

  2. I have gotten some sleep since then :) Don't worry about not emailing me yet :) I'm sure it will take me a while to respond.

    Blessings :)
    -Melina Rose