Saturday, June 11, 2011

Garage Saling in Illinois!

Today Sephre and my great aunt drove to Illinois to go to a giant mass of garage sales with some other family of mine. It was superbly awesome! I slept the hour drive there and thankfully it wasn't raining. Sephre and I went off to do some adventuring and found some amazing deals. I got two, antique, leather suitcases for $10, a cute shirt, bracelet and earring for $3 and a Stir Crazy popcorn maker for $3. Don't tell my mom about that last one. It's her birthday present! She has been looking for a Stir Crazy for forever! :D

I was going to tell you more but I got distracted answering over 70 notifications and their corresponding 30 emails from facebook. I decided to go through my friend list and write on all the girl's walls just trying to encourage them and make them feel special. I didn't really think about the replies.... haha. Facebook should have an anon option! lol

I have to go get ready for work now! I work 6-c to learn their closing stuff here.

Bye bye interwebz :)

-Melina Rose

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