Thursday, June 9, 2011

But why are you here?

I worked 10-4 today. They decided to send the girl from Minnesota to find the store and get (a very specific kind) of burger buns. Haaa.... Came home really nasty from work and took the best cold shower ever. (It is/was really hot outside) Sephre got back and we did some stuff together and started dinner. She saw that I was exhausted and commanded me to go take a nap saying that she would wake me up for dinner.

This is what I've been told:

She came in to wake me up and thought I was kidding because I wouldn't respond. She yelled, poked, jabbed, made my phone ring and finally shook me rather roughly. Nothing worked except for the last one I opened my eyes. She told me that dinner was ready and all I said was "but why are you here?" LOL At that point she decided that I really needed the sleep and just left me there until I woke up by myself.

I honestly remember none of this.

Once I woke up I had steak, mashed potatoes, and green beans. For dessert, we had brownies and milk. We watched a movie about the life of Jane Austen and then Sephre and I went upstairs to work on catching up on vlog material. We have a ton to catch up but we put one together... I started my work uniform washing and it is in the dryer now.

I guess I'm feeling a little....something I don't know...I can't think of the right word to describe it. I just know that I'm missing people. It's not the "Oh I really miss people" feeling though. Ugh. Can't describe adequately.

I work later today (since it is past midnight now) and then Sephre and I are gonna hang out and do something fun. Not sure what.... lol Maybe we will go swimming? It has been storming since (now yesterday) evening and it is supposed to last through today. It has been incredibly hot every day this week. Always in the 90s. It is currently 63 degrees which is our low for today. I'm sure it will heat back up in the morning.

I'm going to sleep interwebz. Goodnight...

-Melina Rose


  1. Not quite... I'm really enjoying the freedom I have here. I just... wish the people could be teleported here or something. Haha. I miss seeing them in person.