Monday, August 22, 2011


Today was my first day of school at my new (community) college. I left my house at twenty to seven with a piece of toast and started out on my way to school. I stopped in at Caribou and got a small iced coffee with caramel in it before continuing on my way.
It was stop and go traffic so I got a good leg work-out with the clutch being such an active part of my drive. It was quite stressful but I wasn't unhappy. I got to school and had to go to the side parking lot to find a spot. Up a flight of stairs and all the way across the large building and I made it to my Public Speaking class two minutes late. He hadn't started yet. My heart was pounding from the stress and effort of carting my large backpack across the entire college.
An hour later and we were released. I ran and got my student ID number and then got my student ID card before going back across the campus to my Chemistry class. It is a very full class and honestly terrifying. I talked with a girl in that class a bit. Maybe we will be friends.
I had a two hour break before my next class so I went and found a spot by my classroom to eat my bento box lunch. Peanut butter sandwich cut into dinosaur shapes, green grapes, a strawberry and salad. I filled in all of the scheduling information from my syllabuses into my planner which took forever. After trying not to fall asleep for half an hour or so I went into the classroom. Class was exciting but intimidating. I had a hard time understanding the teacher but I have wanted to take Japanese for so long that my enthusiasm overwhelmed any feelings of apprehension.
Class ended and I went downstairs to pick up my textbooks. After picking them up, I walked to my truck and drove home where I promptly climbed into my bed with my laptop.
I don't have much homework assigned yet so I'm not worried.
I came downstairs after almost falling asleep sitting up and ate some mashed potatoes with cheese and chicken that my dad had made. The tv was on and we watched America's got Talent and after eating a bowl of cocoa krispies the show switched to American Ninja Warrior.
It is now 10:30 and I am more tired than I would have thought I would be.

I think I shall go to bed interwebz.

-Melina Rose

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