Monday, August 29, 2011

Echos in my mind


I woke up at a decent hour and set upon the task of cleaning my room. I ate breakfast first and then got down to it. I didn't finish but I did make good progress. Daddy was washing the cobwebs out of our entryway outside and so I ran outside to get him since we had planned to watch a movie together before I headed off to work. We weren't able to finish it but I found out yesterday (Sunday) that he bought it. I guess I will get to see the end! I went to work and, while it was slow, it was a fairly good shift. After work I ran home and threw my Japanese homework in my backpack along with a change of clothes and drove to the college that I want to go to. My bff/sissy St. goes there! I hadn't seen her in around 6 months!!! It was a much needed reunion. :) We stayed up until 4am catching up on what's been going on with life and then we went to bed.


We were up at 7:45am to go with two of her friends to a church near by.
The sermon was on healing and both St. and I found it very interesting. It made for good conversation later.
When we got back to campus, we both went to the "best meal of the week", Sunday brunch. I'm pretty sure I ate more than I had in the two days before it put together! I was so full. St. had to work after that so we went back to her dorm and I took a two hour nap until she got back.
She took me on a tour of a gorgeous old building there and I attempted to play her the song I've been working on on the piano. I only have parts of it memorized though so, after a bit, I reverted to the few worship songs I know the chords too. She showed me the rest of the building and it was a really great time.
We ran outside to hear someone playing trumpet and both tried to keep down our giggles as we stood underneath the window it was escaping from. It was very pretty. We then skipped back to her dorm and started dinner. While it was cooking, we worked on our homework. I got one page of Japanese homework done and that was it. We had rice and Buffalo chicken for dinner. The dried/candied pineapple she had was an amazing dessert.
After finishing eating, we decided to go on another adventure since it was dark out. I found that I had indeed brought my book of piano music with me and so we went back to the building with the grand piano and I played it for her three times. We decided to record it the fourth time but my arms were already tired from playing it the first three times (it's 14 pages long) and I was nervous since I knew I was taping myself. I ended up making a lot of mistakes... :( Hopefully someday I will play it well without mistakes.
I had to head home after that but as we once again ran out of that building we heard someone playing piano. It was coming from a window fairly close to the one that had been releasing the trumpet before and we stood under it. When they came to a stopping point we clapped and then ran off giggling again.
We were both sad to say goodbye but I plan to make it a point to see her more often this semester. She is a very dear friend and I need to see her more. <3
When I got home, my parents were watching a movie. I ran upstairs and showered while they were still awake. (My shower is right next to their room and so it wakes them up.) They were both upstairs when I got out so I said goodnight to my daddy and then was pulled into conversation with my momma. :) It was a good conversation. She told me to go to bed when I was practically nodding off in the middle of it though. I showed her a few good songs that I feel relate to me right now and then climbed in bed. I set my alarm on my phone and realized that it was just a few more minutes to midnight and Lysa's birthday. I posted on her wall at midnight (woop I got first post. I win.) and then went to sleep.

Monday (today)
I woke up at 6:40 instead of 6 like my alarm was supposed to tell me to. I slid out of bed in a rushed, but not in the least willing way. Got dressed. Throwing my stuff into my bag, I ran downstairs and hopped in the truck to drive to school.
My 8am class was a blur. Like....a fuzzy blur. I was having a really hard time staying awake. For my hour break I came up here and sat on facebook until it was time for Chemistry. Chemistry was terrifying and not in a happy way. Math + Struggling to stay awake = desire to drop the class. I need to call the college I want to go to and talk with them about that. (I already took a lab science but they didn't accept it)
I am now on my two hour break before Japanese, still struggling to stay awake. I'm not awake enough to accomplish homework and there is no place to take a nap so.... I just have to grin and bear it while trying to keep myself awake without caffeine. You see, since I woke up late, I have no food or drink. I refuse to spend a riridiculous amount for something that won't make that much difference. I'll eat when I get home.
I've had....a luna bar. *shrugs* It's something.

I'm currently using loud music and blogging to keep myself awake. I still have the loud music but now I no longer have blogging because this post has come to an end.

Best of luck in the world on non-sleepers interwebz

-Melina Rose

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