Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hello there.......if you still even read my blog.

Today I woke up early to go to school again. The drive was much much better than my first day of school considering there was no stop and go traffic. This may be due to the fact that I left 20 minutes earlier. I arrived at school and didn't have trouble finding a spot. I browsed the internet on my phone for the half hour I had to spare before my class.
Public speaking is still terrifying to me but it is going well and I'm enjoying it kind of. Today we had to get up and stand in front of the class to introduce ourselves. Our full name, major, and what animal or vegetable we would be and why. I chose a pheonix even though it doesn't actually exist because they rise from the ashes and I find that really inspiring.
I've always loved pheonixs.
After class I went up to the computer lab to sort out my online stuff. You see, last night when I tried to log in to the online website for homework it wouldn't let me in. I found out that they changed the email system since last time I went here and so I needed to just log in to that. I'm all set up now and have read all of the material for Chemistry and taken my short lab safety quiz.
I got assigned my first homework sheet for that today so I'll probably do it tonight some time. It isn't due until next Friday.
My next class is Japanese at 1pm. I have a two hour break between Chemistry and Japanese. And! I fail at spelling chemistry every time. I always have to backspace and make my e an i. I shall prevail! lol
I love Japanese class even though it is hard. I hope to make at least a few friends there. I mean, come on, we have similar interests! :)
I suppose I should eat something. Sorry I'm rambling now haha. I didn't eat breakfast and it's already 11:56. Pretty close to lunch time if I do say so myself and I rather not be embarrassed by my stomach making loud suggestions in class.
I've been hanging out on here and Polyvore....LtC, YouTube, my writing website, facebook....Yup. Well, and doing my homework of course. ;)
Today has been a fairly good day so far. I'm super tired and hungry but hopefully I will be able to pick myself up a bit and get lots done when I get home cleaning wise. I know my mom would love to see my room clean some time soon.

Until later interwebz,
-Melina Rose

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