Sunday, February 27, 2011


Today I was woken up and told I had 45 minutes to get ready for church. I showered and got ready and didn't have enough time to eat breakfast which left me grumpy. We got to church and I sat with Bree and Christal. The sermon was really good.
After church we went home and I fell into a state of half asleepedness on the couch while Dad made two dozen dark chocolate cupcakes. They smelled heavenly. We got them into the car and headed back to church for the 25th anniversary/birthday party thing. There were many many cupcakes; Red Velvet, Peanut butter, even Pineapple Upsidown cake ones! I ate one and hung out with people. There was a presentation and after mingling some more a group of friends and I went to the Jr. High room and played hangman until my dad texted me wondering where I was. I grabbed the leftover cupcakes on his direction and we headed back home.
I ate another dark chocolate cupcake there and then sat down while Dad and I decided what movie to watch. We watched special features until my mom got home from work and then we watched Shall We Dance. I ate smushed eggs.
I am now worrying myself dizzy over how I am going to get everything done tomorrow. I have to go to my 8am class, stay to get massive amounts of homework done (even though I don't have any food to bring with me really), fill out the fafsfa go to the phone store to get my phone fixed, and then go to Glitter and Crumbs. I rather not die.......... *sigh*

Yeah, so that is my life right now interwebz
Oh, and I am still sick. Save me?

 -Melina Rose

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