Monday, February 28, 2011

Go buy a suit......with what money?

I woke up this morning about two minutes from when I have to leave for my eight o'clock class. I threw on some clean clothes, checked the mirror to make sure I didn't look like a monster who got tickled and then thrown into a static machine. My hair was ok but I kind of just rubbed my eyes and gave up any semblance of hope for makeup.
I ran downstairs and threw my stuff in my bag. A frantic search for my keys revealed them in my purse, which was in the bottom of my bag.
I carefully stepped out on my ice-rink driveway and made my way to my truck. Thankfully it started up after one try. I got the scraper and proceeded to try to chip the ice off of my windshield. It didn't work. I went between banging my head against the steering wheel while trying to regain feeling in my fingers and attacking my windshield with my mom's scraper.
After half an hour it was defrosted enough for safe driving and I was off. I arrived at school and parked to close to another truck. I managed to not touch it even squeezing between the two with my backpack. I slipped a total of three times on my way into school. It is super icy today. I made it into class and about one minute later my name was called for attendance.
I learned about interviews and I now need to buy a suit. Navy blue is a power color I guess. I don't mind getting a suit since I know I will use it for a long time, but I really don't have money right now. :( Bummer.....
After class ended I worked on homework. I wrote up my two page applications paper and turned it in. Another class came in and it was full so I moved to where I am now, the computer lab. I just recently finished my cover letter and turned it in. I am now off to get something to eat at home.
The rest of the day after that consists of filling out some paperwork for scholarships, going to the phone store for them to fix the charging part of my phone, sending in my work hours, and finally going to Glitter and Crumbs to possibly decorate cookies. *takes a deep breath and lets it out*

Busy day interwebz so off I go!

-Melina Rose


  1. Whatever teacher told you that navy blue was a power color for a suite is either not fashion-forward or still living in the 90's.
    That is the worst piece of advice I have ever heard! A well tailored black 2 piece suit with a plethera (sp?) of white tuxedo shirts, flouncy colored blouses, and lace the way to go...