Saturday, October 29, 2011


Hey guys,
I'm still super busy but I figured if I can make time to sit in my bed and laze around the computer I can make time to write a quick (real) blog post.
Today I woke up around 10am after staying up till 2:30am or so. I'm super smart can't you tell? :P My mom made french toast so I had one and a half pieces of that.
After that I haven't accomplished much, though I should bed. I heard the song I previously posted on the radio and so I got on my computer to post it. It seemed to fit me well. I read a post by my friend, checked my Facebook notifications, attempted to talk to Mnonaa on Skype, checked an art website I'm on...etc.
Now it is time for productivity! Watch me accomplish nothing. I need to shower, clean my room (or at least clear my floor) and get ready for the costume party tonight!
I'm going to wear my thrift-store wedding dress, black lace up boots, black cloak, and then Yumi is going to lace me into one of her black leather corsets. I'm going to be a Vampire Slayer/Hunter so I think I should find a cross or something..... Fail. Well I did kind of just decide yesterday and the party is tonight sooooo. Ahaha. I'm kind of excited and kind of nervous.
Anywhoo.... I also have homework to do. And I need to do it. And not put it off. Like I always do. Yeah.

I think I'll start with a load of laundry interwebz.
-Melina Rose

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