Thursday, October 6, 2011


Ocha is (green) tea in Japanese by the way. :D

There wasn't to much special about today. Despite staying up late last night I woke up on time awake and ready to get down to it. I wrapped myself up in my new scarf and after packing a lunch, headed out the door. I grabbed a 99cent any size cappuccino from the gas station and was on my way. 
I got to school with plenty of time and finished my drink while texting Lysa. Our teacher came to open the door to the classroom and we all filed in and set ourselves down in our usual places. There was a little time to talk to my classmates before class started and then when it did we got moved around. We had prep for our group impromptu speeches and so I got moved to a group where it was just me and two other guys. Our teacher had one of the guys select a piece of paper to determine our topic and it It was rather awkward and I was glad when the other two girls in our group showed up. We managed to decide on using the meaning of the word sex as gender after some very awkward attempts at conversation about our speech. It will still be interesting talking about differences between genders, but it is much better to me than talking about the act of sex.
I'm just very awkward about such things. :3

~This post was abruptly abandoned and therefore is not finished~

Kocha - Black tea in Japanese


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