Thursday, October 6, 2011

Panda should be packing...

I really should be packing right now or pumping out the outline for my informative speech but I wanted to fill you in. After school tomorrow, I am leaving for NYC! That's right! I get to go back to New York! Lysa and I get to go to a free Kpop concert and we are soooo beyond excited! I went shopping at the mall today with Yumi and got purple fishnets (to be worn tastefully of course) and bow hairclips! I managed to not buy any clothes or shoes! (quite a feat) We also got bubble tea and popcorn. :D
The outline for my informative speech is due the day I get back from NY and I won't be in class so I'm hoping to do it yet tonight so I can turn it in early. I suppose I shouldn't have gone to the mall today and done that instead but.....I had to. be irrisponsible and go spend money It was a blast. :D
I'm off to pack and do that outline if possible though so niiiight :D

Oyasumi interwebz. I'm so excited!

-Melina Rose

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