Friday, October 7, 2011

I'm in New York!

I got on my flight and ended up sitting inbetween two business men. One smelled of onions and sweat and boiled eggs. I didn't know which one but I did my best to go to sleep despite being in the middle. I only got one or two hours of sleep last night and so I was super wiped out. I was glad to get off of the plane either way. I waited for a few minutes for Bob and Lysa and then was tackle hugged by Bob.  We got on the bus and then the train and then we got to Bob's apartment! She made orange chicken and rice and we are watching Juno. We are probably going to crash soon. Bob works early tomorrow and Lysa and I are going to go pick up the tickets for the concert!

I'mma letchu go cause I didn't bring my computer and I'm on Bob's

-Melina Rose

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