Thursday, November 4, 2010

Just today...*headkeyboard*

Well I shall update you on today so far because I have a feeling that after work tonight I won't have much energy or desire to.

Once I was at school for my AEP class I worked on my pocket calendar for an hour and forty five minutes.  I went home around ten to get something to eat.  I reheated some cheeseburger casserole and drank some apple cider.  Grabbing a honey-wheat pita bread and a banana I went back to school.  I got back to school around eleven and then got back to work on my calendar.  I decided to take a "break" at one after realizing that I had been working on this project for almost four hours.  Moving on to my Gradient Mesh flower I worked on that until my AT class at two.  Working on that was about half an hours time.  I am now in my AT class and should be doing homework.  Class ends at four and I work at five.  I won't have much time to get ready at all. 

Take a deep breath interwebz
I know I need one...

-Melina Rose


  1. It is hard to explain but think of it this way:

    You make a shape. You make a mesh/grid over it. Every place where the lines cross you input color.

    Imagine a giant sculpture. It is only made out of wire. I plug in the color every place the wires intersect. :P