Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Leeks leaked on me (A tale of Blanket forts, Narnia, and an adventurous Gourmet meal)

This post was meant to be written quite some time ago. But it shall be written now because  I fail.

   I randomly had the night off of work on a Friday so I called up St. to see if she was free.  She didn't pick up so I left a message and went to dinner with my parents at OCB.  She called back and said that she had a concert but after it was done I should drive up and spend the night.
I ended up getting there around 11pm and we were both very hungry.  We decided to make a "gourmet meal" so we used my dads GPS and drove to Target.  Target closes at 10.  We drove to Cub :)  We had great fun going around the store getting our ingredients for "Asian food."  We went and found the leek and attempted to weigh it.  The scale didn't work.  We adventured around the store gathering beef, garlic, soy sauce and rice.  We managed to find the smallest piece of ginger and I dropped it on the ground.  I think our giggling was rather loud.  After gathering all of the ingredients (and chopsticks) we headed to the check out and a random creepy guy rung us up.  We ran outside into....... the snow!  It was coming down heavily in large flakes/blobs.  It was so pretty!
   After driving back to her dorm, we brought our groceries upstairs and started making the meal.  St. had some cookie dough and so she made chocolate chip cookies and the rice.  We had to borrow a bigger pot from one of her neighbors for the rice so that it would cook properly.  We had an adventurous time making the meal and the leeks leaked on me.  While the rice was finishing cooking we worked on making a blanket fort with the card table, two desk chairs, bench and some other things.  It ended up spanning at least half of the dorm room.  Win. 
   Our food was done cooking by 2am and we moved it into the blanket fort and prepared to watch Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian.  I had bought some Turkish Delight from Tj-Max and so we all ate some.  After finishing our food we settled in better and I was the first to fall asleep.  The other two followed and then we all woke back up and went to bed. 
   The next morning St. was woken up to me repeatedly saying her name and pointing at the window.  We had gotten around 7 inches of snow in just that one night.  It was absolutely gorgeous.  We went back to sleep since it was 7 in the morning and then later got up to clean up the blanket fort and dishes. 
   After bringing the portion of my stuff that could be cold to my truck we decided to adventure around outside in the snow.  We took a bunch of pictures and then adventured into the woods of Narnia. :)  It was gorgeous there and covered with snow.  I had to leave an hour earlier because of the driving conditions though so our Narnia trip was not as long as we would have liked. 
   It was a blast though.  I drove home braving un-plowed freeways laced with large icy puddles and semi trucks.  I made it home safe and after taking some time to get ready I headed to work. 
   Since I am writing this some time later I do not remember what happened after that.
  I will add pictures to this post later :)

Have you ever been to Narnia interwebz?

-Melina Rose

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