Tuesday, November 9, 2010

When you drive by old men on motor scooters walking weiner dogs

Woke up. Went to school. Worked on homework and went to class. Came home. Ate food. Went back to school. Worked on Gradient Mesh for 3 hours straight. Went home. Picked up Chrissy and Bree. Went to the mall. Got Bubble tea. Took Pictures. Sat in the White hall with the couches and shiny crystals. Dropped off  Chrissy and Bree. Went home. Heated up fajitas. Ate while watching various Tv shows. Finished blog post. Went to bed?

Yes, in case you were wondering I did see an elderly man driving his motor scooter in the grass by the side of the road behind his dachshund.
My reaction? "That is adorable!"

I said I was going to bed at 1am and it is now 1:36am
Time to sleep interwebz

-Melina Rose


  1. I don't believe you...your times never match up with your blogs posting times. :P

  2. Haha I don't know why that is but yeah I noticed that too. That is why I try to include the actual times in my post. Maybe I am set as a different time zone than I actually am?