Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Simple Earnest Reliance (Part 1)

This post is also a catch up post.  This one will cover around four days.  18th-21st

18 (Thursday)

   I went to AEP at 8am.  My teacher wasn't to encouraging and I was really discouraged.  I went home and ate and then came back for my AEI class at 12pm.  I continued working on my packaging design but wasn't feeling well so I went to my AT teachers office and told her that I wasn't going to be in class because I wasn't feeling good. 
   I went home and slept for three hours.  I got up and called DLBPF and told her I was going to be coming over.  I packed up my costume and pj stuff and headed over.  Once I got there we worked on my costume for the midnight whoing of Harry Potter 7 part 1.  I am not a huge fan of HP but I love going to midnight showings!  We got my costume figured out and then after Dan and Ron got there we took pictures.  We had the whole Malfoy family.  DLBPF was Lucious. I was Narcissa. Dan was Draco and Ron was Dobby.  It was a win.  I greatly enjoyed it.  We reserved our seats by covering them with blankets and wo pieces of paper.  One read Reserved for the Malfoy Family.  The other read and Dobby (steal and you will be cursed).  We walked around the hall in our costumes and took a picture with a guy in a start trooper helmet.    The movie was good and we went to Perkins afterward and ate food.
   I always get breakfast food after midnight showings.  The one time I wasn't going to was when we went through the Mc Donalds drive through at 3 or 4am after a showing.  Bob asked for a McChicken and the order taker said that they were cleaning their grill so they didn't have any hot food.  Bob said in the saddest voice "No McChicken?".  It was pretty funny and sad. As we drove past the drive through to move on to our usual Perkins meal the person leaned out of the drive through window and shouted after us that they were sorry they had no McChickens.  It was really funny.
Anyway... I got to bed around 4am.

19 (Friday)
   I got up and packed myself up to go to our church retreat that evening.  I was so tired.  I think I might have gone to school and got some stuff done but i'm not sure.  I picked up a few Lychee juices from Cub and put them in the refrigerator for the trip to the place where the retreat was.  I ran to Burnsville and bought two bags of Turkish Delight for the road.  (I managed to keep one uneaten!)  I then headed to church and got all of our stuff packed into moms car.  We were standing in the foyer of our church waiting for everyone to show up and Lysa walked through the door!  After standing there with my mouth hanging open making weird sounds, I screamed and glomped her.  I was so surprised!!  She held up a little paper with five little people in animal suits and the words "Is this the reality you wanted? kekekekeke"  It was awesome.
  After much talking and the rules for the weekend being read we were off!  I had my dads GPS so thankfully we would not get lost.  It was around a 45 minute drive but we ended up arriving in the middle of nowhere at this retreat center!  We got there a little ahead of everyone and it was already quite dark.  We drove down a long road and up a huge hill.  There was a culdisac kind of thing there with some cabins but we had no idea where we were supposed to go so we drove back down the hill to where the larger buildings seemed to be.  As we were coming down the hill the caravan that was everyone else in my youth group drove in.  My youth pastor got out of the front car and went into the office to let them know we were there.  After that we drove back up the hill to the cabins.  They split the girls into two cabins and the guys into two cabins.  We were the bear cabin and the other girls were the wolf cabin.  They were really nice cabins!  Heated floors, loft, multiple bathroom and shower stalls, and little cubbies for each of us to put our toiletries in!  I was up to sing for that nights session so we hurried up and headed back down the hill for the evening session.  We had chili with cheese and sour cream and then proceeded with the word and worship.  Afterwards we went back up the steep hill and went to bed!  I was very tired!


I was slightly aware of an annoying beeping noise around (so I am told) 4am.  I remained half asleep until it took over my thoughts.  We thought it might be someones alarm or phone or maybe the smoke detector.  No.  It was my keys to the car.  Not sure why they were beeping but it was.......lovely.  Anyway, part of our cabin was already up showering and such.  I got up and got dressed and pulled on my new black and white striped hoodie.  It has built in headphones but we weren't supposed to use them so I didn't.  We headed down the hill to breakfast.  We were pretty much the first ones there.  We sat down at a table and waited for the rest to show up so we could start.  Finding that there was a cappuccino machine, I drank around 3 cups of french vanilla before breakfast was even served.  It was soooo gooood.  Breakfast was good.  There was bacon or sausage, french toast sticks, yogurt, and fruit. 
   After breakfast we walked back up the hill in the cold to do our quiet time.  A group of us girls sat in the loft to do it.  I suggested reading Isaiah 40 to them since they were asking me for ideas on where to read.  Why Isaiah 40?  Well I'm not sure if I blogged about it but a while back but when I went to deliver Thanksgiving baskets with a group from my church we had the privledge to be blessed by talking to a pastor at another church.  He asked one of the other girls to read the passage aloud and for us to listen and take it to heart as if God was speaking it directly to us.  It was really powerful and I haven't gotten it out of my mind since.
   After quiet time was done we went down the hill to eat lunch. I don't exactly remember what we had but..... it was good. lol  After that we were informed that we had a few minutes to put our stuff back in our cabins and grab warm clothes.  After that were the first annual Olympics for this retreat. Oh...and it wasn't optional. 

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