Monday, November 8, 2010

I'm still alive just letting you know...

So..... I know I haven't posted in four days and that the posts before that were rather short but I think I should be able to fill you in today.  I will only be telling you about the past three days though because yes, I have already forgotten what happened before that. So here you go friends :)


I got up around 10am and showered and got ready for the day.  After that I got in my truck and drove to have lunch with my Dad.  It was a buffet and it had a lot of good food.  There was terriaki chicken, good bread, salad, pasta salad, lots and lots of good stuff.  I had one square of green jello and a little bit of fruit cocktail and marshmallow salad for dessert.  Dad had had to leave for school so I was finishing up alone.  I called Lysa and talked for a bit while finishing up my food and then headed out.  I went straight to school and worked on homework and then came home.  I got ready for work and arrived on time.  Work was really hard.  It was good.  But hard.  I worked with my friend Tortuga and we had a surprise sleepover after work.  It turns out that she lives just a couple blocks away from me!  Who knew!  We went to her house to grab her some pjs and then went to my house and watched Finding Nemo.  I started falling asleep towards the end so as soon as it ended we both went to bed.

   Tortuga and I both woke up and went downstairs for breakfast.  Dad had made eggs and cinnamon rolls.  Sooooo good.  It was great. Her and I talked for a while and then went back upstairs to get dressed and ready for the day.  I was still trying to figure out Lysas Christmas present so Tortuga and I headed to Goodwill first.
    I found a book and bought it even though I really shouldn't be spending money.  It is funny the kind of looks you get from cashiers when you buy a baby name book.   Miss cashier, I am not pregnant or expecting a child.  I am writing a story and like to have fun with my characters names. After Goodwill we went to the dollar store.
   Tortuga desperately wanted a book there that was a dollar but i convinced her to come back.  I want to buy it for her for Christmas....
   After that we went to Savers.  We didn't find anything there so we moved on to Jo-Ann's.
   I found a great sweatshirt but it was priced at 17 dollars.  I don't really have to much money and I am trying to save it as well.  I decided today to do other things for her present.
   Tortuga and I were both very thirsty so we stopped by our work for something to drink.  Now, most people at work make fun of Tortuga; and while I don't participate in putting her down, I tend to just not get involved in the conversation.  I had a choice to make.  If we showed up together at work it would be final.  People would know that we are indeed friends.  This is a very recent happening so it isn't like I was hiding it or denying it.  People just didn't know yet.  By choosing to be her friend I am choosing to do what I feel is good to do but also by choosing that I am choosing for the people at my work place to think of me differently.  Tortuga didn't work that night but I did.  I knew that one girl in particular would probably comment so I just didn't worry about it and decided that I will be friends with who I want to be friends with even if people don't especially like it.  Tortuga is not bad influence on me.  It isn't that kind of situation that I would say I will be friends with who I want in a rebellious way.  It is more a conscious decision to go against what is expected of me and choose the opposite.
   Her and I both went back to my house and started watching Flushed Away while drinking our cold drinks.  We had to cut it just short of the end of the movie because I needed to go to work.  I worked at 4pm.
   After dropping Tortuga off at her house, I went to work.  I arrived a bit earlier that usual and got ready.  I talked to my "Mom" and then clocked in.  Sure enough within the first few minutes of work the girl I knew would comment said something.  It wasn't anything terrible but I know that this girl really doesn't like Tortuga and Tortuga knows it too.  All she said was "I didn't know you were friends with Tortuga." and I said yep I am.  It was a pretty interesting situation.  No one else commented but they were definitely all looking at me to see how I would respond.
   Tortuga is my only work friend I have hung out with outside of work and I enjoy it a lot.  We have similar interests and similar friends.  I am keeping her. :P
Work was ok but I felt absolutely terrible.  Even after I took my break I felt weak, tired and a little dizzy.  I made sure to keep drinking water but it didn't seem to help this time.  I think I may be getting sick.  This is not allowed.  I have no time to be sick.

I woke up and got ready for church.  We got there an hour early because my parents forgot daylight savings.  We decided to go get coffee so after we stopped at home for Mom's Starbucks card we arrived.  I got a medium caramel machiatofrapachino.  After drinking most of our coffee we went to church.  I started out sitting with my parents but went and sat with Christal once she arrived.  Worship was good.
   After the service ended I went outside and ended up playing with Miguel and some other people.  Another girl and I were told to be princesses by her younger sister.  We went up into the play set "tower" and the little sister said "Rapunzel Rapunzel let down your hair."  The older sister leaned her head over the edge and said "It's to short!".  The little sister matter of factly said "then I will just use the ladder!" and came right up.  I don't know why that stuck me but I just thought it was fun. I was in the process of fleeing bad guys when I was called to leave with my parents.
   I said goodbye and ran after my parents in bare feet not forgetting my four inch heels by the playground.  We headed home and I promptly took a shower.  I got on the computer to check if people were online and was called down to put the toppings on my mini pizza.  It was a honey-wheat pita with olive oil and cheese and oregano and garlic.  We didn't have to many pepperoni but there were three on mine.  I went back upstairs while they were baking and did some more stuff online.  I think I was mostly just watching YouTube videos.  Coming back downstairs, I ate my pizza and went right back up.  I continued watching videos and wasn't feeling good.  I fell asleep in the middle of watching them and so I put my computer away and took a nap.  Mom woke me up and I called Lysa.  We talked about saving for a concert next year and then I got back online after calling the Historical Society.  I watched more videos and did random things with my e-mail, talking to people, and I started on this blog post.  This one is taking a loooong time.  After a bit I went downstairs and made a box of stove top stuffing.  I ate almost the entire thing while talking to my awesome cousin, Lysa, and St.. I watched a Sherlock Holmes TV series with my Dad while talking and doing homework.  I don't exactly remember to much after that which i pretty sad since it was just yesterday.

Monday (so far)
I have been blogging and working on my proofreading homework while talking to people. I added Bob to my conversation pile and she went to bed a while ago. Grandma popped up on chat and I linked her here so that she can read my posts. (a little scary since now she will be able to see everything that I put on here I don't tell everyone)   I called her and talked her through how to work it and then got back to working on homework.  I finished my assignment I was working on and am now going to bed. Bed! It is 3am and I desperately need sleep and was going to go to bed much earlier but I figured I was getting homework done and I needed to update my blog since I hadn't in a while.

I wish you a very good night interwebz

-Melina Rose

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