Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Almost Packed

I woke up around ten this morning and checked my phone for any messages. I had a message from Sephre and from Bree. I texted Bree for a bit and also chatted with Sephre. After that I took a shower, got dressed, did makeup, the usual. The bane of my existence decided to grace me with its presence today. Go away. *pouts* Anyway, I drank one of my parents protein drinks and got down to the packing. Pretty much I now have everything packed except for toiletries, accessories, and a few electronics I will use before tomorrow morning. Currently totaling 3 large purple bins, 1 storage cube, 1 folding butterfly chair, 1 bagged stack of clothes and a partially packed suitcase.
That is a ton of stuff and that isn't even all of it! Geez...
I leave now to pick up Mnonaa and then pick up Bob. Then we head to Bree's house to meet up to go to youth group and then meet up with other people after. Not sure how I'm going to be home by ten to finish prepping but I'll manage somehow...

Off I go interwebz :)

-Melina Rose

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  1. I know-moving is a TON of work. I moved with my family hmm...about a year ago, and I couldn't believe how much stuff I had. But you're almost done, and that's what counts!!