Monday, May 16, 2011

The Green Malt Machine

Saturday was my last day of work in MN and Tortuga and I hung out after. We got some Taco Bell and then went to her house where I talked to Tallkid on the comp for a bit and we watched Criminal minds and CSI. I went home around 3am. (Tortuga lives a few blocks from me)

Today (Sunday) I was up around 9 something. I wanted to wear my cookie monster shirt so I paired it with my black pencil skirt and heels. I grabbed a cup of coffee and headed off to church with my Daddy. Since I am leaving here so soon, I sat with Bree and Christal. Someone from the college I eventually want to go to actually was the one who gave the word/sermon today! It was good. I have notes if ya want them :P
After church, my parents took me out to eat at Red Lobster to celebrate me getting my associates degree. I'm actually the first person in my immediate family to get a degree! The biscuits were fresh and absolutely amazingly delicious. I got shrimp scampi, salmon, and snow crab legs too! Mmmm. So good. :D
After lunch we went back home. Mom sang this morning at church so we had to drop her off at church to get the car she drove. Dad blasted music on the way back with the windows down and it made me smile. I will miss my parents a lot.
I was completely wiped out so when we got home I just went upstairs and climbed into bed. I didn't sleep but I didn't do anything that required me to think or move really which was nice. I watched My Princess which is a (good so far) Korean drama that I started a while ago. After a while, my momma came into my room and asked me if I wanted to go for a walk. It was pretty windy outside but sunny so overall I think it was nice.
It was a really nice walk. We got to talk about stuff that we used to before I was constantly rushing around and stressed; what we are thinking about a lot, boys, life, lots of stuff like that. I can't say how nice that walk was. I don't think I was smiling very much but sometimes you don't need to smile for something to be good.
After we got back, I got ready to go to a friends house. My small group from church was meeting to have a delectable encounter with the green monster aka an awesome old-school malt machine. It was great and I was glad that I could see some people before I leave. I left the party around 9pm since I was zoning out and no one was really talking to me and I just was tired. I said goodbye and went home. My parents were watching a movie on tv and invited me to join them but it was already part-way into it and I didn't really feel like it.
After a bit, my mom came up and asked if I wanted to watch a dvd. I said of course and we selected Ever After with Drew Barrymore in it. The movie finished around 12am and so I drank a couple glasses of water and brought some apples and honey upstairs with me to my room. Hopped on the computer and talked to Tallkid a bit as well as Sephre. I'm excited to see her! We planned out birthday stuff and talked about pandas and tablets and gothic lolita fashion that we both desperately want to buy. She went to bed around 1am and I guess I have been writing this post since then.
I plan to pack, clean, and hang out with a few friends later today (Monday)

Night night interwebz

-Melina Rose

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