Sunday, May 22, 2011

The lightening was blinding

I woke up at 9:40am and started getting ready for church. It was almost 90 degrees outside today so I wore my new sundress! I love that dress. It was super windy as well and Sephre and I commented on being slapped in the face by our hair. lol We got to church while they were singing. I didn't know most of the songs but I didn't expect it to be like my church back home so it was okay. I miss my church though. The sermon was really good. It was about how God uses our weaknesses to show His power. Since we have a lot of weaknesses it's all the more opportunity for Him! :P
After church, Sephre and I went  back to the house and made Seshuan (spelling?) beef and rice. It was really good! After that we went to get coffee and brought our drinks to a park. It was really really windy so it was actually hard to walk around the lake/pond! After that we drove around for a bit looking at different abandoned houses.
Sephre had to be at work at 4pm so we went back to her house and her boyfriend picked us up and drove her to work. After we dropped her off, he drove us to Milwaukee while showing me different music from bands like Protest the Hero and Breaking Benjamin. We walked around the mall for a while once we got there. We found some funny books and commented on various dumb ads. Then he took me to Stir Crazy which is this really good Japanese restaurant! I had never been there before! We went back to Sephre's house (currently mine too) and realized that we would have to pick her up from work since we brought her there. We decided to hang out at his house but found out the power was down. There was power at Sephre's house so he grabbed his PS3 and some games and headed back over to Sephre's house. He set up the Wii for me and realized he forgot the cables he needed for the PS3. We watched an episode of an anime and watched fail/owned videos on YouTube until it was time to pick up Sephre.
It was raining really hard and the lightening was so bright that it gave us headaches after blinding us! We got to Caribou and gave one of her co-workers a ride to her car so she wouldn't get soaked. Sephre brought us drinks! I got a milk chocolate hot chocolate! We drove back to the house and Saul (Sephre's boyfriend) packed up his stuff and went home. After cleaning up the kitchen a bit I went upstairs and climbed into bed. I fell asleep almost as soon as I stopped texting people.

I didn't feel so great interwebz...

-Melina Rose
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