Monday, May 16, 2011

Labels: Who knew they were addicting?

Yes, this is another post. I have not yet gone to bed. I saw the label feature on these posts recently and was intrigued by the cloud that it creates when you add it to your blog. I wanted a pretty cloud with varying sizes of words! Therefore I decided to label my posts. Little did I know how addicting and fun it is. I have gone through at least two pages of posts and tagged them and I have more left to do. (Which yes, I do plan to.) For now though, I must go to bed. Even though I can sleep in tomorrow, I have stuff to do!

Once again goodnight interwebz....or would it be goodmorning?

-Melina Rose


  1. Hey that is pretty cool. :) Congrats on your degree, and I hope that the move goes well!

  2. I was having fun :P Thanks for the congrats and well wishes!