Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I hope I don't have to go to Kinkos.... (May 3rd)

I woke up around 8am this morning; got up and stuffed my stuff into my backpack and got dressed and ready for the day. I put my lunch that I packed but didn't eat yesterday back in my bag and then I was off to school. My class only started at 12pm but I went early to try to print my portfolio. The printer worked just fine yesterday but I guess it was grumpy today so it wouldn't print at all. If we can't get it working I will have to run to Kinkos to print everything (super expensive).

Side note: I found this in my drafts unpublished.
I managed to print most of my portfolio at school but I did still spend a size-able amount of money at Kinkos :)

-Melina Rose

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