Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I was a Nanny yesterday

This post is for Monday, May 23, 2011.

I got up at 6:30am; put on the t-shirt and jeans that I had picked out last night and pulled my hair back. The house I nanny at has cats. I'm allergic to cats. Therefore I try to cover as much skin as possible so that it doesn't itch like crazy by the end of the time I'm there. Sephre and I drove separately since she wouldn't be there the whole time. When we got there the girls were still asleep so she told me all the stuff I needed to know, most importantly how to make coffee. :P She got out stuff to make "surprise breakfast/special breakfast" aka pancakes then we got the girls up. After playing with them for a bit, she/we made breakfast and ate it. They were pretty self entertained for a while so we just took the time to try to wake up a bit more. After a while, we took them to the park and had a picnic. When we came back, we put the girls down for a nap and then Sephre left for some appointments and errands. I ate lunch and wrote until they woke up and then "played fairys" with them. I left after 5pm and went back to the house. My aunt was there and I said hi as I went in. I took a cold shower which felt amazing for some reason and then flopped onto my bed to look at my phone. I woke up two hours later.... lol
I went downstairs and ate dinner and then after cleaning up the kitchen a bit, we went back upstairs. Sephre did my hair for fun and it was pretty :3 We watched Youtube videos of cool science experiments until she went to bed. :P I chatted/texted Tallkid until around midnight and then got distracted by Youtube and stayed up much later until I was falling asleep.

That was Monday interwebz :P

-Melina Rose

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