Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Today was great.
I woke up and I really don't remember what I did right away. I know I ate some food with my mom while watching an episode of What Not to Wear. We call it what you should not wear :P After that I took a mini-shower and got ready for the day. I believe I called Bob (who is back in town!) and she said she was at Aldi so I went and met her there since I needed to go there in the first place for road-trip snackfoodz. I got Yogurt covered raisins, Trail mix, Strawberry fruit roll ups, Cherry fruit roll ups, Two juice drinks, and a Pineapple. I went back home and unloaded the things and then ran to the bank and withdrew money to pay my teacher for printing my portfolio. $64 seems expensive to me.... Bob's house was on the way back so I stopped in to see if I could kidnap her. We watched a little bit of Make it or Break It and then one of her younger sister's friends came over and we talked for a bit. I had stuff to do so I said I needed to get going and left (without Bob :/ )
I headed home and quick stuffed the cash in an envelope to bring to school. After leaving the money by my teacher's computer in her office and telling her that it was there, I headed to Target to double check some pricing on the clothes I bought yesterday. (Someone said they might be cheaper today.) The shorts hadn't gone on sale but the top was cheaper. Unfortunately they didn't have my size so I didn't get it cheaper. I put that stuff back in the truck and then went in and bought mascara and hangers. Green hangers :D I headed home after that and ate something (though I don't remember what.) I managed to pack up my books I'm bringing to WI and I found some almost brand new blank notebooks! Colorful ones!
It was time to leave so I went and picked up Bree and headed to church for my last worship practice until August. It's small group night tomorrow so no actual music. We just worked on songs that are new to us. It went well. :) Afterwords we went downstairs to find the red ball we (Bree,Tallkid, and Aimee) played with the week before. We found a chalk wall and found a purple basketball as well as two others. Aimee said that the blue one was her child and we had fun throwing them at each other. There was a Bible study a few rooms away that we didn't want to disturb so we went to the big room and looked around. We found Hungry Hippos and I was convinced to play one game. After that we went outside because we were still being loud. We played with a few little kids and I "raced" a little boy.
Bree needed coffee for some energy so we all piled into Tallkid's car and drove to Caribou. I got a caramel cooler. Bree got a chocolate one and Aimee got some kind of iced coffee. We drove over to Target after getting coffee because Bree, Aimee and I needed to get some things for small group tomorrow. It was a blast :D I'm pretty sure that we would have been kicked out if we didn't have a cart full of stuff that we were going to buy. Nothing terrible but we were just being loud and hyper. (This is what coffee and sugar do to you.) We bought the stuff and headed to my favorite field to hang out and be as loud as we wanted. We were all pretty hyper except for Tallkid so there was much laughter involved. He was eating dried peaches so for some reason we just started saying peaches to any question we would ask. Twas fun and funny :D Bree and Aimee had to go home so we bid Aimee fairwell since she lived close to the field and just walked home. We drove to Bree's house and petted the kitties for a while and then Tallkid drove me back to church where my truck had been left. He gave me a surprise present! A cool CD with symphony/piano/screamo music and eventually the book of piano sheet music! :D
I've had a really fun night and am super tired but I have to keep packing. Another bin needs to be filled today!

Until later interwebz! PEACHES

-Melina Rose


  1. Normally I don't but this was the symphony versions of it and I really liked it! The piano sounds amazing and it isn't just screaming they mix it with singing too. I'm super excited to get the book of piano music for it. It does sound like it is going to be quite difficult to learn though.

  2. Haha try singing along with it!