Saturday, May 21, 2011


Hey there :)

I'm actually super tired right now because I just finished working out but I wanted to tell you guys what's been going on!

I drove the six hours from my house to Sephre's on the 19th armed with a bag full of snacks, music and facebook updates whenever I would stop. It went slowly and quickly at the same time. The most I have ever driven was under two hours. It was slow because it was a long way to drive and it went fast because I didn't really have a good sense of time passing.
I arrived around 4:30pm and kind of just slumped against the steering wheel once I parked. I was very tired. Sephre got home from work and we started dragging stuff into my room! I had packed three large purple bins, one full laundry hamper, a suitcase, a chair and cube. Lots of stuff. :) We managed to get it all up the stairs and start unpacking a little.
Sephre grilled steak and made potato casserole for dinner. It was super good. After putting our dishes away, we went back upstairs and got ready to go to the town where I hope to work. My interview was the next morning so she showed me where to park and where the store was. We walked around on the beach for a bit and added to a sand creation. We were on our way back home soon after meeting her boyfriend at Caribou.
Once we got back home we finished unpacking and did some other stuff. I took a shower and then she did my nails for my interview. (The polish is coming off now :( ) I got to bed around 12:30am.


  1. good luck!! fingers crossed for ya. I can't believe that you've only spent like 2 hours at a time in a car before!! The longest I've ever gone was about 14/15 hours to Florida for a vacation. BEAT THAT haha

  2. Haha thanks :D
    haha I've spent waaay more than two hours in a car before. Two hours is the most I've driven! I can beat your Florida vacation. Try a few days driving from MN to Mexico :P