Wednesday, December 1, 2010


So..... yeah.  Today.

I woke up 5 minutes before I leave for class.  Pulled on skinny jeans and an over-sized sweatshirt.  Wrapped myself in my scarf and pulled on my boots as I hoisted my backpack onto my shoulder and headed out to my truck.  It was windy and my ears were very cold even through my hood.  I set my coffee on the truck bed side and fumbled with my keys.  I turned the correct one in the lock and pulled.   Nothing happened.  I tried again.  Again nothing.  Both hands took two tries.  Doors that are frozen shut are no fun.  I turned on the truck and flipped the wipers on.  It was powdery snow so it should be fine to just brush it off.  Guess not.  The wipers just kind of twitched instead.  I brushed off the truck and tried the wipers again.  Long story short they now only work on the highest setting and they don't go back down properly so you have to time it just so to get them to stay down.
I got to school for my 8am class and it was good.  I was productive.  I worked on my newsletter quite a bit.  Went home and showered.  Dried my hair and partially straightened it.  Mostly just the two front pieces that I left out of my ponytail.  Same clothes mostly except I switched out the shirt underneath my sweatshirt for a clean one. I went downstairs and made a bowl of spaghetti-Os.  Is that even considered food?  I don't think it is... I did my devotional while eating.  I grabbed the mostly eaten box of frosty nerds on my way out the door heading back to school.
   I got back early and so I started working on my Packaging for Illustrator.  I worked on it for a long time and in class and finished my rough.  I switched classrooms so I was in the one for my next class and went back to working on my newsletter.  I started on the rough for it.  So time consuming!  I have to measure the grid, gutters, margins and general layout and text!  So. Long.
   I went back home and grabbed a rice ball (onigiri) and after talking to my mom for a bit headed off to youth group worship practice.  It went well.  I played piano for this practice.  We had a nice acoustic circle of death at the end and then we were done.
   I headed  to taco bell for some much needed food.  Since my window is frozen shut I decided to skip the drive through and go inside.  I wasn't super sure what I was going to get but I noticed the kids meal toy board had domo toys.  It was decided.  No thought needed!  I got the kids meal and a crispy potato soft taco.  I quickly walked back to my truck and ripped open the toy!  Oh the joy!!!
It is 1:08am.  I am going to bed. I have class.  Stuff to do.
*kisses domo goodnight*

Domo says goodnight to you too interwebz

-Melina Rose

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